I live in NYC. And there are a lot of homeless people in NYC. There's this one dude who spends his day near my house. From about noon 'til 6 he'll sit on the corner of 89th and Columbus. Often he'll be sleeping. And he has a coffee cup in front of him. Every day after school me and all my friends either go to Columbus Bagels, McDonalds, or to this park across the street from our school. And I always buy a bottle of Pepsi. (Notice I buy Pepsi instead of Coke. There's a reason for that. Take the Pepsi Challenge, and you'll soon realize the reason). And that costs $1.25. So I get 75 cents change. And on the way home I give it to him.

Homeless people are really cool people. I strongly suggest you take the time to give them some spare change and maybe talk to em some whenever you get the chance. I try to keep spare change at all times to give to them. I mean, honestly, what's 75 cents gonna mean to you? Before he started sitting on that corner, before I knew him, all my spare change went onto one of my shelves. And it doesn't come off. And it just sits there. Rots. And I don't use it. But he will. He'll use it. Buy food. Buy clothes. Buy crack. Maybe you're thinking that you shouldn't give it to them if they're just gonna spend it on crack... but hey, they're gonna spend some of that money on food. And they're gonna buy crack anyway. So help them out, dude.

Um if you wanna read a book that takes an in-depth look at the homeless lifestyle, read The Street Lawyer by John Grisham. Great book. Worthy theme. Great morals.

The current problems facing the homeless community of New York City are imposed by our current mayor, Rudolph Giuliani. I disagree strongly with many of Giuliani's policies. I thank fate that he dropped out of the race for senate (not that I'm a huge fan of Hilary... but Giuliani I fucking hate). He encourages the police to be tough on crime. Which gives the unstable, sadistic, racist officers and excuse to act on their impulses. And as a result Abner Louima had a broom shoved up his ass during the interrogation process and Amadu Diallo, an innocent bystander, was shot forty odd times. Both were people of minorities. Then the Brooklyn Museum of art comes out with a controversial display. One of the sculptures is a sculpture of the virgin Mary smothered in elephant shit. Giuliani is offended by this. He finds it sacreligious. Of course, he is Catholic. If, say, the artist had taken the Satanist Pentagram for instance, and done something such as smothered it in elephant shit, he would not have given a rat's ass. If anything, he would have been happy because I don't think he is a fan of Satanism. And that right there is religious descrimination. Of course, it is a hypothetical situation, so don't quote me on that. Giuliani made moves to cut the museum's funding. Just because he didn't appreciate the art that they displayed. He was attempting to censor them. Just because he was the mayor he felt he had the right to dictate what they displayed. And let me tell you I am no fan of censorship. Hell no mofo so I'm not a fan of Giuliani either. So then Giuliani realizes that there are all these homeless people sitting on the streets and sleeping on park benches. The rich pricks that live in the city don't like homeless people. Because they are uncaring and they have a shitload of money that they feel no need to share. And because homeless people smell bad. So Giuliani figures why not erradicate the homeless? The rich pricks will be happy, and vote for me, and make campaign contributions. So he makes it illegal to sit on a public sidewalk. He makes it illegal to sleep on a park bench. He's in effect making it illegal to be homeless. He wants all the homeless people to be forced to go to shelters or find a home. Well, not only are many shelters dangerous as fuck, but there's also not enough room for all the homeless denizens of the city in the shelters. And Giuliani has done anything but support shelters and soup kitchens and other homeless-helping programs. The Republicans aren't a very big fan of spending money to help people. Their basic strategy is screw the poor, screw the minorities, and let's let the rich prosper. If you wanna read a bitching satirical song on the subject, check Kill The Poor by the Dead Kennedys. Now that's some good, activistic shit. So there isn't room in the shelters. So according to Giuliani, their only other option is to get a home. Shit, dude, honestly, if they could get a home don't you think they fucking would? They aren't homeless by choice! Fuck! And of course Giuliani won't spend money to help the poor... but he's all for a plan to build the Yankees a bigass new stadium and provide lots of funding for it. Because then all the lowlife numbskulls who don't give a shit about politics will vote for him because, hey, he's a Yankee fan, he must make a good mayor/senator!

Anyway, I urge you to pursue this subject. Help the homeless. Give to the needy. Stop bein' greedy. Give them the money with which to smoke more weedy. Um sorry I broke out into rhyme there... I do that a lot.

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