Well since this is my site you're frequenting, I thought you might like to get to know your webmaster. I copied this shit off of my bolt profile. If you do not know what Bolt is, click here.

Information about me:

What should people know about you?

Yo, what what? I am activistic, rebellious, whatever. I was suspended last year for making a website against my school. I am a happy person. I enjoy writing bizarre short stories and raps. My raps ain't the kinda shit you hear pussies like Juvenile rapping about. Juvenile can't rhyme without saying yeah and he writes raps bout shit that ain't meaningful at all... backin that ass up and whatnot. I write raps that I hope can make changes socially and politically. Activistic raps bout my opinions on issues. Most of em are pretty controversial... cuz I got some pretty radical views... but I think you should read em. If ya wanna see my songs or stories go to www.fanfiction.net and search for "Chief BigBong". I'm a total nonconformist. I strive to be different. My favorite number has always been thirteen, for example. I've been an atheist since 2nd grade... did it just to be different back then, but now I know that I actually do not believe in a god. My favorite animal is the platypus, and platypusses are the nonconformist animal cuz they don't really fit in. They aren't a true mammal, cuz they lay eggs, but then again they aren't anything else, cuz they got themselves them mammary glands and they have fur and they hibernate and all that mammal shit. So they don't fit in. They're nonconformists. And so am I. I strive to be different. I strive to be my own person. I don't be who society wants me to be, I be who I wanna be. And anybody who does different is a motherfucking pussy! I don't buy clothing just cuz its trendy, I don't watch TV shows just cuz other people do, I buy clothing based on how I, myself, wanna express myself, and I watch TV shows that I happen to find funny. Society can fuck off so far as I'm concerned, cuz I ain't listening.

What's your favorite song right now?

Um prolly one of my songs. If I were to pick one of my songs that I like the best, it would be Tipper Gore. That's a song about Tipper Gore, Al Gore's wife, who's out to ban CD's with profane content. I prolly don't need to tell you whether I'm for or against Tipper Gore... but just to make sure you know I AM AGAINST TIPPER GORE! Now, I Don't mean to sound like an egotistical bitch "i like my songs the best cuz i'm the best rapper in the world" that's not what i mean. My lyrics just mean the most to ME because I wrote them for MYSELF. I don't mean that everybody else should think i'm the best rapper... they shouldn't. I hope they think I'm good, okay, but I honestly don't think I'm the best rapper ever. That honor would go to Tupac Shakur (who, by the way, is definitely not dead!!!) I just enjoy my songs the most cuz I wrote them.

Who's your favorite band or musician ever and why?

DMX kix ass. I'm not really a fan of the "I kill niggas and they die and I push drugs and I shoot people and I make g's and where my dogs at they have my back and they'll bite you if you fuck with them" and that is much of what DMX's shit is, but I still think that his raps are really good. Tupac Shakur is the greatest rapper ever, because his raps call for change and they talk about real issues instead of just how he murders a lot of people to survive, as does DMX. Changes, for example, isn't a song merely about how hard it is living in the ghetto. It's a song about what must be done to get out of the ghetto, and to get the black community out of the poverty cycle. And that is what writing shit is all about. DMX is a good rapper, but his subject matter doesn't come close to that of Tupac. Then there's the Dead Kennedy's, lead singer Jello Biafra. Talk about activistic material, shit, you're hard pressed to find somebody more activistic than Jello. Not exactly quality music, but lyrically these songs are fuckin amazing! They're satirical as fuck, and they got good subject matter. Greenday's a great band. At times I lean towards rock and at others I lean towards rap, and right now I like rap more than rock, but I still love Greenday. And Nirvanna's always great.

What's your favorite movie ever and why?

Last time I started makin this list my computer froze. But I'll try again. My computer could seriously freeze hell over, I fuckin swear, dude. It's one piece of shit. I don't put these in any specific order or anything.


Being John Malkovich (Wow... it was simply great! I was so aghast by this movie that I sat staring at the credits for a half hour after the film ended. I never knew that they had jobs like foley mixers and whatnot!)

Man on the Moon (Andy Kauffman was a fucking genius! And this movie... it's as if it was written for me! It was the funniest thing I've ever seen! And it was a drama too!)

The Green Mile (Simply amazing. I'm surprised I didn't dehydrate I cried so much)

The Shawshank Redemption (Great movie. I don't really know what to say. Very clever)

American Beauty (Great study of character and human nature)

The Big Kahuna (An intensive study of character. This movie really is nothing but character development. No action sequences or shock comedy to keep your attention... just character development)


The Usual Suspects (great to see a second time as it's such an intricate plot)

As Good As It Gets (I didn't understand it when I first saw it in fifth grade, although I though some parts were funny. I recently caught it for a second time, and it truly is a great movie. It's a movie about change... and how change is good and it's part of what makes like enjoyable... the unpredictability of it all)

Pulp Fiction (Quentin Tarantino is a master at dialouge)

The Matrix (actually forget this movie. I don't like it anymore. It was good while it lasted though...)

My Cousin Vinny (So fucking funny! Acting couldnt've been done better)

The Silence of the Lambs (Classic horror)

The Sixth Sense (Good horror)

Big Daddy (Sandler... need I say more?)

Waterboy (Sandler... need I say more?)

The Wedding Singer (Sandler... need I say more?)

Happy Gilmore (Sandler... need I say more?)

Billy Madison (Sandler... need I say more?)

Airheads (Old school Sandler, prolly my favorite of his flicks, come to think of it)

Blast From the Past (Sweet movie with some great laughs)

both Austin Powers movies (Now those were some funny shit)

Anywhere But Here (Great drama great acting)

Forrest Gump (A wonderful story, great characters, a very well done movie)

Full Metal Jacket (Kubrick's awesome and the drill master's dialouge is great)

The Chase (with Charlie Sheeeen! Predicatable at times (thought completely unpredictable at others) and a bit cheesy, but I love it!)

Pauly (Try not to laugh... this is that kids movie bout the talking parrot... but this was one of the saddest movies I've ever seen! I cried myself shitless!)

Small Time Crooks (I love Woody Allen! He's the funniest pedophile there is! Just the way he writes, the way he talks, his word usage, I love it!)

Bullets Over Broadway (Woody Allen's great, and this movie had a lot of good quotes and ideas)

Antz (Hehe... I didn't know kids movies could be this funny!)

Good Will Hunting (Great movie... great ideas)

Three Kings (Movie that really makes you hate the system... they're about to save a lot of lives and military codes prevent them from doing so. Shows how fucked up the system can be)

La Vita e Bella (Life is Beautiful is it's English name. Starts off a romantic comedy and ends a holocaust tragedy. Amazing movie)

Fargo (I love the midwestern accents and the characters! They are so funny! And when William H. Macy says "you're darned tooting" I'm sure I musta pissed myself!)

Wild Things (It was a great movie to see on a sleepover as a horny 6th grader. And I have a little bit of history with it... which I won't get into. I'll spare you)

Leon (The Professional is it's well known title. It's just a cool movie. What else can I say?)

Saving Private Ryan (Some people like this movie cuzza the gore. But I like it cuzza the conflict... sending 8 lives out to save one. The ending is great... couldn't a been better)

Baseketball (Funny shit)

(that's all I can think of right now... more to come)

What's your favorite book ever and why?

I have a few... The Truth Machine (which is a book that almost nobody knows besides me and my friends that I told about it). Everybody I know who's read it has liked it. It's a very interesting book that discusses the possibility of having a 100% accurate truth machine. Then there's Go Ask Alice which I enjoyed cuz its 100% real... from a real diary and all. And finally Silence of the Lambs cuz its a classic thriller... only book to actually sorta scare me. Um then Rule of the Bone by Russell Banks is really good... very lively story with some cool shit in it. I hear say that they're makin a movie of it. I recommend it. Dave Barry books are great. He's the funniest writer. Just read this book by Dean Koontz called False Memory, and that was really good... the ending was kinda iffy and cliche and so fucking happy and non-realistic that it kinda made me sick, but you know, it was a great book. The Green Mile, by Steven King. And I like a number of my stories too. Condoms From Outer Space, When Spatulas Go Bad, The Sociopathic Taxi Drivers of New York City, to name a few. I started writing a new story... called 13 Platypusses. But I went away for the summer so I didn't get a chance to do much with it.

What college or university do you go to--or where do you want go to?

I want to go someplace that will let me be myself. I want to go some place that will not need to tell me how to dress or what religion to follow. I want to have discussions. In school now we are more or less told what do think, and there isn't much a chance to debate or discuss. I want that to change. I love to discuss political, social, and moral issues. And I love to debate and I'm damn good at it. And I jump at the opportunity to do so whenever possible. Unfortuneately, it isn't possible often enough at my current school.

What's the one thing you believe in most strongly?

Guess that would mean my religion... its called Beliefism. Made it up myself... um ifn you would like to be a follower then drop me a line ;) (um don't get me wrong... i don't promote followership. I don't believe in organized religion for the most part... i find it hard to believe that millions of people could affiliate their beliefs with the SAME EXACT THING. I dunno... just something I myself could never do. So I don't really want followers all that much... that's not why i made my religion. But if you are interested in the ideas then let me know... we can discuss.

Basically I believe that every single person has their own set of beliefs. I believe that one should search for their beliefs until they find them, and that once they do find out who they are and what they believe in, they should, in everything they do, reflect upon their beliefs. When I write songs, I portray one of my beliefs. Whether it be that prostitution should be legal, that masturbation shouldn't be shunned, censorship is bad, or any of my beliefs, I reflect it in my songs, my writings, in how I act, and in what I say.

I do believe in fate/karma. I believe that in order to acheive your fate you must acheive happiness. In order to acheive happiness you must strive to make your beliefs a reality. I believe that prostitution should be legal, for example, so I will be much closer to my fate if I get prostitution to become legal. I believe in reincarnation. I believe that you keep on reincarnating. Each life that you occupy, you have the same beliefs, but you go about realizing these beliefs and carrying out these beliefs differently, because you are raised differently and you have a different personality each time. You have two parts to yourself; your beliefs and your persona. Your beliefs never change, you always have the same beliefs every time you reincarnate. But every time you reincarnate you have a different persona; you go about realizing your beliefs differently.

I believe that successful people are those who acheive their fate; that make their beliefs a reality successfully. I believe that failures are people who either never found out their beliefs, or were too busy trying to fit in with other people's beliefs to work with their own. People who can't stand up for what they believe in are pussies, and pussies can't survive.

I believe that you shouldn't hate somebody as long as they are trying to make their beliefs a reality UNLESS their beliefs interfere with other people. Let's say somebody believes in organized school prayer; every day you round up all the kids and force them to recite the lord's prayer or some shit like that. Those people believe in violating other people's beliefs, and thus can be discriminated against. Those who discriminate can be discriminated against. But if they believe differently than you on most issues, you can dislike them if you do not agree with their beliefs, if you think that what they believe in is bullshit, but never should you HATE them for their beliefs, for that is biggotry and biggotry is a bad thing. The only people that you should truly hate are biggots.

I BELIEVE THAT YOU SHOULD BE WILLING TO DIE TO MAKE WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN COME TRUE. This does not mean that, say, you should die for any small thing that you believe in, because you should not kill yourself for small things. If you kill yourself, you can do no more as that persona, and so you shouldn't give your life for simple beliefs. Things that you believe very strongly in; the strongest in, you should be willing to give up your life for or else you are a pussy. And pussies can't survive.

Um I think that pretty sums up the outline of my religion.

Um, an example of some things that are against my religion and that I will fight very hard to get eliminated:

Dress Codes. You express who you are in how you dress, and you should not be limited. School Prayer is against my religion too. And unless under extrenuating circumstances, murder is. Life is precious, and should not be wasted. True, they will just get another life, but they will never get that persona back. That persona will be gone forever.

You can take it on from there if you wish... to give an example of some of the things that I believe in, would be as follows.

I believe that there is no god.

I believe that prostitution should be legal.

I believe that masturbation should not be shunned by society; that Jocelyn Elders should never have been fired.

I believe that drug usage and dealing should be legal.

I belive that euthanasia (assisted sucide) should be legal.

Death Penalty should be abolished.

Jello Biafra should be president! go to alternativetentacles.com and click on the button that says "jello goes green" for more info... or to www.angelfire.com/punk/jello2000

If you wanna chat bout any of those subjects, I'd love the chance!

Describe an experience you'll never forget.

Well there was this one time... oops i forgot ;) actually one experience i'll never forget... for my 13th birthday I went to see The Upright Citizens Brigade live at 169 w. 22nd street with my friends. Kicked ass... they have a show on comedy central monday nights at 10:30 est. Funniest thing ever. And I'll never forget the whole suspension deal... when I was suspended last year (6th grade) for making a website against my school. I'll never forget when the assistant principal pulled me out of PE, when the dean, principal, and assistant principal explained the situation to me, when I lied about the whole deal to protect the two friends whom I made the site with, when they told me that my friends had admitted to it, when I got the news about the suspension. All of it I won't forget.

What's the easiest way to get on your nerves?

To disallow somebody from expressing who they are/ what their beliefs are. School Prayer gets on my nerves. Dress Codes/uniforms. Stuff like that. Bigotry and racism too.

What's your pet's name?

Marky (my brother named him after himself, the egotistical bitch).

Who do you think is the sexiest person alive and why? Denise Richards. She's huge and hot. I remember watching Wild Things from the perspective of a horny 6th grade boy... hehe... with a vibrator at hand... watched it at a sleepover with two friends and had a great time.

What's your favorite quote?

I don't have one quote that I stick to and say all the time, for I am able to say more than one thing. I believe that catch phrases are annoying and stupid. They are cliche, and cliche leads to conformity, and conformity is what helps prevent nonconformists like myself from expressing our nonconformity. I can write a whole essay on that... cuz you prolly have no clue what i mean... but i don't have time right now. I'm sure I'll get around to it sometime though... over the weekend. Actually I prolly won't cuz I wrote that a few months ago now... Lotsa people I know say cliche quotes over and over again. Most of them were never good quotes in the first place... and now they're totally ruined, every little bit of goodness they ever had is gone, cuz they became cliche and totally overused... and I just wanna fucking kill all those dumb fucks that have nothing better to say than some cliche phrase! Like George W. Bush? Ever listened to one of his speeches? Can he say a fucking sentence without telling you that he's a reformer with results? He sent me some junkmail once. Or his campaign did. He starts saying shit like "I'm George Bush, a reformer with results. My opponent John McCain says he's a reformer, but he doesn't get results. And he doesn't care about the education system. How are you supposed to successfully reform the education system and get result when you don't care about it? I'm a reformer with results. You should give me money to help end the Clinton/Gore era, because they aren't reformers with results. Only I am a reformer with results. I reform and I get results. I am a reformer with results." I mean, holy shit dude! We get the fucking point! Obviously, you have nothing better to do than to tell us that shit bout you being a reformer with results!


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