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Black Mormons & The Priesthood-ban FAQ

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Black Mormons & The Priesthood~ban: Frequently Asked Questions
All About Mormons
Mormons preto e a Sacerdocio-proibicao (Parte um)
Mormons preto e a Sacerdocio-prohibicao (Parte dois)

Are Mormons racist? Why couldn't black men hold the Mormon Priesthood before 1978? These and other like questions are answered in Black Mormons & The Priesthood~Ban: Frequently Asked Questions. It is written by Black Mormons. This article is not copyrighted. Please make copies of it, and link it to your website.This article is excellent for Missionaries serving in English-speaking countries. If you know of a missionary serving in an English-speaking mission then please make a copy of the article and mail it to them. Missionaries are constantly asked about this, and the article will help them immensely! You can access the article by clicking its title above. The article is about 15 pages long.


If you have a missionary called or serving in Brazil, then please make a copy of each of the two articles above (in Portuguese) and mail it to them. They will appreciate it!

Mormons sao racista? Por que homens pretos nao podiam segurar of Sacerdocio na Igreja de Mormon antes 1978? Estes o outras perguntas semelhantes sao respondidas em "Mormons Preto e a proibicao de Sacerdocio."

Se gostaria de a ler "Mormons Preto e a proibicao de Sacerdocio" em portugues estalido justo no titulo acima e espera aproximadamente dois minutos para a traducao. O artigo esta em duas partes. Vez uma voce leu parte um necessita a voltar a esta pagina e para parte de estalido dois e esperam outro dois minutos para a segunda traducao.

Se quer a ler Mormons Preto e a Sacerdoicio-proibicao em portugues entao vai a

Mormons Preto e a Proibicao de sacerdocio ("A Proibicio de Sacerdocio"="Priesthood-ban")


If you are a Black Mormon and wish to fellowship with other Black Mormons in your area then you can contact the Genesis Group at . The Genesis Group is the official auxiliary organization of the LDS Church for its black Members. Genesis Groups have been established in Salt Lake City, Utah, Oakland, California, Washington, D.C., and a number of other locations.


If you are not a Mormon, but would like further information about the LDS Church, then please go to "All About Mormons" above. You can order a copy of The Book of Mormon or request to have missionaries sent to your home by calling (in the U.S.) 1-800-408-4343. If you do not live in the U.S. then please consult your telephone directory under "Churches--Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints". If you can't find anything there, then write a letter to:

Public Affairs
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
50 East North Temple St.
Salt Lake City, UT 84150

Thank you.

The Elijah Abel Society of Black Latter-day Saints

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