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There's good news and bad news!

Good news....there are 20,000 black Mormons in the U.S. and Canada.

Bad news....they are scattered about quite widely.

If you are black and LDS, you are probably one of few black Members in your Stake (except for a few places). It makes it difficult to find an date others of your own race and culture.

*There is nothing in the Church against interracial dating or marriage. The Church has thousands of active interracial couples. However, if you want to date other Black Mormons, then keep reading.

The best way to find other active single black Members to date is....

1) To advertise in LDS singles websites.

2) To move to where there are concentrations of Black Latter-day Saints.

3) Move to Ghana for three weeks and find a mate there.

Those are your choices if you wish to date single black Members.

Black Singles in Utah

If you are black, LDS, and single, and LIVE IN UTAH... then contact Black Singles of Utah:

Young Adult Dances

Every Young Adult Ward has information about Young Adult Dances, which are held monthly or more often. Regarding Single's Dances in the greater Salt Lake Area, you can go to this following website:

LDS Singles Websites

Black Mormon Singles can post their photos and profiles (personal data) on the following FREE LDS singles website: (100% FREE)

You can also post your photo and personal date (profile) on the following LDS singles PAY sites:

These are PAY sites. So, you must pay them in order to send or receive messages.

Remember: DO NOT post your profile on any of these sites without at least one current PHOTO! Otherwise, you're wasting your time.

Areas With High Black Mormon Populations (North America)

If you are INTENT on finding a single black Mormon for marriage, then here are areas where there are a goodly amount of active black Mormons:

1) Black Student Union, Brigham Young University, Provo Utah. About 200 black single Mormons; most under 30.

2) Capitol Hill Branch, Washington D.C.

3) Atlanta Ward, Atlanta Georgia

4) Various Detroit Michigan branches within the city

5) Southwest Los Angeles Branch, Los Angeles California (Inglewood Stake).

6) Harlem First Ward, Manhattan, New York City

7) Oakland 9th Ward, Oakland California.

8) Salt Lake/Ogden/Provo (Genesis Group of Utah)

9) Phoenix/Mesa area (find other black Mormons at the dances--there are LDS singles dances every Friday and Saturday night of ever month in the greater Mesa area). You can contact Phoenix LDS Singles by going go and typing in "Phoenix LDS Singles".

You can find the locations and meeting times of the various Wards and Branches mentioned above go to the "Meetinghouse Locator" link at:

That's it!

If you do not live in these areas, or you are not willing to move to these areas, then your chances of finding another single active black LDS mate are slim at best.

<BYU Black Student Union

If you are planning to attend Brigham Young University, and you are black, you'll want to contact the Black Student Union; which has a membership of about 200 at any given time. Not all are single but most are.

Black Student Union
Multicultural Services
1320 ELWC
Brigham Young University
Provo, UT 84602
(801) 422-3065

GENESIS: The Genesis Group Newsletter

If you would like to read The Genesis Group newsletter just clink below (in links).

The Genesis Group

The Genesis Group of Black Latter-day Saints is the official Church fellowship group for black Members in North America. Contact them and ask "Is there a Genesis Group in my area?" If not, you may wish to form one yourself. Ask them how. Their website is in the LINKS below.

The Singles Group of The Genesis Group of Black Latter-day Saints is now forming. Contact:

Summary and Conclusion

*Inter-racial marriages are allowed in the LDS Church, and there are many of them.

*95% of white Mormons are NOT racist, and are totally accepting of blacks and inter-racial couples in the Church.

*White Mormon culture is "different" from African-American culture, so if you are not comfortable in white culture, you probably won't be comfortable attending a predominantly white Mormon Ward (congregation).

*Mormon leaders do not allow "black only" Wards (congregations) at this time, but some Wards are predominantly black (listed below).

*There are about 20,000 black Mormons in the United States, but most are inactive (do not attend Church). There are mostly Black Mormon Wards (congregations) in Detroit, Atlanta, Harlem (New York City), Oakland California, Inglewood California (just East of Los Angeles International Airport), and Washington D.C. Other than these areas, the number of active Black Mormons is very small, perhaps 1 in every 100 Mormons.

*There are about 300 to 500 active Black Mormons who belong to the Genesis Group in the greater Salt Lake City area. They meet one evening per month in the Fort Union section of Midvale, Utah. They have picnics, dances, and other social activities as well as service activities.

*There are about 100 to 200 single Black Mormons who attend Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. All belong to the Black Student Union, and they have various activities. Just about all are under 30, and just about all are single. If you move to Salt Lake or Utah County, contact them and see if you can attend their functions, even if you don't go to BYU.

*There are about 400,000 black Mormons in Africa, and that number is growing tremendously every year.

*If you decide to move to the greater Salt Lake City area, make sure to contact the Genesis Group once you get there. The Genesis Group website is in the links below.

*About 50% of white Mormon women are "open" to marrying a black man. About 15% of white Mormon men are "open" to marrying a black woman. Much depends on your looks, personality, and (for the women) how much "security" you can provide for them. DO NOT ASSUME they are "racist" because they reject you! The vast great majority of white Mormons under the age of 70 are not racist in any way. White Mormons reject other white Mormons for love all the time. Don't take it too personally.

*The Genesis Group has an excellent singles program. If you move to the Salt Lake or Provo/Orem areas, make sure to contact them.

*If you want to know something about Black Mormon history, then click on the link below "Black Mormons & the Curse of Cain Legacy".

Thank you.

Darrick Evenson

P.S. Please read my story below Why I Left the Mormon Church and Became A Daheshist

Websites of Interest to Black Mormons:

Why I Left the Mormon Church & Became A Daheshist (again...100% free) (Pay, but a number of black LDS profiles)
Black Mormons and the Curse of Cain Legacy
Dee's Single Dances (Single's dances for those aged 30 and above in the Salt Lake City Area)

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