The Mormon Faith & Black Folks
Questions for the Reader

Questions for the Reader:

1. What did Joseph Smith think of black folks?

2. Is the Holy Priesthood a civil-right of all Americans?

3. Did the LDS Church try to deny civil-rights to African-Americans?

4. Did the LDS Church teach that only Hamites were cursed by God?

5. What else did the LDS Church teach about people of Hamitic lineage?

6. Why did the LORD sometimes curse His own people Israel as well as bless them?

7. Do Mormon Scriptures portray Cainites and Hamites as inferior; less intelligent than Caucasians?

8. What did modern LDS Prophets tell Mormons about racism and prejudice?

9. What is the Priesthood for?

10. Is Salvation and Exaltation the same thing?

11. If you were a Canaanite in the days of Jesus, and He called your people dogs (servants) would you insult Him, spit on Him, slap Him, beat Him, kill Him, tell Him to get out, refuse to listen to Him, respectfully tell Him you werenít interested in His Message, or recognize Him as the Messiah and say: ďTruth, Lord!Ē?

12. Are the Anti-Mormons the friends of black folks?

13. Do you wish to spend all eternity as an Immortal Aeon or as a Ministering Angel?

14. Have you stripped yourself of pride?

15. Will you listen to The Plan of Salvation as given by our missionaries and sincerely and humbly pray about what they share with you?

If you donít know the answers to all of the above questions, then please read this publication again closely and carefully.

If you know the answers to all of these questions, then please read on.

*Mutual Respect

Please remember that the young Mormon missionaries that you see in black communities, in their dark suits and ties, white shirts and black name-tags, riding on their bikes, or walking, or riding the bus, are there to bless you and your family, and other black folks, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Priesthood. They are not paid, but have sacrificed two years of their lives to bring these blessings to all who will receive them; including black folks. Even if you donít want to hear their message, they deserve and need your respect, and they will always show great love and respect to you; no matter who you are.

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