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Q. Didn’t Mormon President John Taylor say that blacks were the ‘representatives of Satan’?

A. No! This is an anti-Mormon claim based upon a misreading of one of his sermons. President Taylor was trying to answer the question as to why God allowed the line of Cain to pass through the flood. In other words, if the LORD was going to destroy humankind (at least the Adamites) because of their wickedness, why allow a Cainite woman aboard the Ark and thus the line of Cain to continue. At General Conference in Salt Lake City in 1881 President John Taylor said:

“And after the flood we are told that the curse that had been pronounced upon Cain was continued through Ham’s wife, as he had married of that seed. And why did it pass through the flood? Because it was necessary that the devil should have a representation upon the earth as well as God; and that man should be a free agent to act for himself, and that all men might have the opportunity of receiving or rejecting the truth, and be governed by it or not according to their wishes and abide the result; and that those who would be able to maintain correct principles under all circumstances, might be able to associate with the Gods in the eternal worlds.” (Journal of Discourses 22:304)

Anti-Mormons love to quote this is their attempt to say that Mormons believe that black folks are the ‘representatives of Satan’. Yet, that isn’t what President Taylor said. He said that the Cainite line was allowed to pass through the flood so that “all men” (this would include all people of all races) can choose between good and evil. This is what the context of the discourse clearly says.

But what did he mean by it?

We read in Genesis that God placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden with many trees. All of these trees bore good fruit for food; except one. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was also placed in the Garden, but the LORD commanded that while they could eat of every other tree, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was forbidden. The fruit of this particular tree was forbidden. Its fruit was ‘the forbidden fruit’. A serpent (snake) appears, and tells Eve that the fruit of the Forbidden Tree was more delicious than any other. Eve partakes of it, and then so does Adam. The LORD then curses the serpent, and says that for then on he would crawl upon his belly and eat dust as a punishment. The LORD also curses Eve that she would bear children in great suffering, and he curses Adam that he would have to earn his food by the sweat of his brow.

Are these things to be taken literally, or symbolically?

Most Mormons would interpret these things literally. Some would not. Joseph Fielding Smith and Bruce R. McConkie would interpret it literally. Brigham Young and John Widstoe (to name just a few) would interpret it symbolically. President Spencer W. Kimball believed that these things were symbolic, and not literal. President Kimball that the ‘story of the rib’ being taken from Adam’s side to form Eve was figurative, and not literal. Joseph Fielding Smith would have insisted it was literal.

But regardless of whether they are symbolic or literal, or a combination of both, the message is clear: man and woman are upon earth to choose between good and evil. Why? Because we learn that man is a free agent, and in order to become a God men and women must learn to choose rightly. Thus, mortal life is a test of spirits; to see if they will choose God or the Devil. If they choose God they will inherit Eternal Life. If they choose the other way, they will inherit Eternal Damnation. But all are given a free choice.

We read in The Book of Mormon:

“Wherefore, the Lord God gave unto man that he should act for himself. Wherefore, man could not act for himself save it should be that he was enticed by the one of the other.” (2 Nephi 2:16)

We read in The Book of Moses that Satan made a covenant with Cain. This covenant was passed down the Cainite line until Egyptus; the wife of Ham. Egyptus was saved on the Ark, and thus the Cainite line passed through the flood. It is recorded in The Book of Abraham that the the daughter of Ham and Egyptus was also called Egyptus, and that she founded the land of Egypt. Scholars know that in ancient Egypt there were two major priesthoods; the priesthood of Amon, and the priesthood of Set. Amon was believed to be the Creator, the Father of gods and men. Set was called the ‘Accuser’ and the ‘Adversary’.

Theosophist and occultist Helena P. Blavatsky wrote:

“Jehovah-Adonai is a new form of the ramheaded god Amoun or Amon who was invoked by the Egyptian priests under the name of Amen.” (Theosophical Glossary 1:366)

Joseph Smith once said that the true name of God in Adamic was Ahman; which means ‘Man of Holiness’.

In Genesis Satan is called a “Serpent” who speaks, and who has legs to walk on. In ancient Egypt the god Set could appear as Nehebkau; a serpent with human arms and legs. Another symbol of Set was the cobra. Researcher Robert T. Mason writes that “the original priesthood of the serpent god, Set, in ancient Egypt survived for twenty-five recorded dynasties (ca. 3200-700 B.C.E.).” (The Serpent as Divinity, p.10 online)

The very name Mormon probably comes from the ancient Egyptian Mori-Amon (“Beloved of Amon”).

*Voodoo and African Secret Societies

It says in The Book of Moses (a volume of Mormon scripture in The Pearl of Great Price) that Cain made a “covenant” with Satan; swore by his “throat”. The purpose of the covenant was the secret knowledge of how to murder “to get gain”.

In Haiti, the official religion is Roman Catholicism, but the real religion people practice is Voodoo. But within Voodoo are various secret societies that men belong to. The head of these secret societies are called Bokors, and they use various poisons to murder their enemies (or, if you pay them, your enemies), or to turn people into the walking comatose otherwise known as “Zombies”.

According to researcher Rob Wolff the Bokors are “Voodoo shamans who use their powers for selfish and evil ends....They are very involved in Haiti’s vacillating governments, seeking to gain as much power for themselves as possible whenever the diplomatic winds change.” (The Magic of Gothic Haiti, p.4 online)

The main god worshipped by the secret African societies is Damballa; the serpent god. The symbol of the priesthood of the Dogon ribe of West Africa is Lebe, the serpent. Robert T. Mason writes:

“Perhaps the most impressive architecture in ancient Africa, excepting Egypt, would be the royal city of Benin in Nigeria. The most prominent feature of this architecture is the form of the serpent.” (The Serpent as Divinity, p.12)

Mason also writes:

“When the Hebrews emigrated from Egypt during the XIX dynasty they took with them a caricature of Set and gave him the title Satan which was one of this god’s formal titles.” (The Serpent as Divinity, p.12)

Researcher Don Nardo writes:

“The Maroons began the secret society that still exists in Haiti today. They also passed down the West African’s knowledge of natural drugs and poisons.” (Voodoo: Opposing Viewpoints, p.72)

Researcher Eric Belgum writes:

“The Maroons held elaborate initiations, most of which involved severe, self-inflicted, pain. They had secret passwords and handshakes and swore allegiance to their communities.” (????, p.73)

While there are secret handshakes and passwords in most male fraternal societies (Freemasons, Oddfellows, Greek fraternities, etc.) the difference between them and the Maroons is that the Maroons covenanted one with another, and with Damballa, to “get gain” via murder. Researcher Marcus Bach (who researched Voodoo practices in Haiti for many years) writes of a time he attended a Voodoo ritual. In the center was a pole; which represented Damballa, the serpent-god. Bach writes:

“As you fix your eyes on the center pole, visualizing the serpent, Damballa, is coiled there, you are asked to recall that Damballa is also the source of all knowledge. Coiled forever in the Tree of Life, he tempts man to know himself. As a sign of immortality, he sheds his skin and reappears in a new body; as a symbol of the endlessness of time he is depicted as a snake eating its tail. His devotees revere him so much they become his bridegroom or bride in special Voodoo ceremonies. In Africa, where he originated, men honored him by building snake houses beneath the tallest and most beautiful trees. In these ‘serpent chapels’ they keep a living snake which they bore on a carpet of silk in religious processions; its writhing form encircled with a golden diadem representing the female Aida-Wedo.

When the black man, coerced into Christianity, heard the remarkable account of the Serpent in the Garden of Eden, he imagined that the snake was Damballa. To him the Biblical account of the temtation was just another story of the ‘great god sex’, and if the Christian did not understand the symbolism, the Voodooist did.” (Strange Sects and Curious Cults, 1961, p.61 italics added)

Bach goes on to write:

“Often when the might Damballa overpowers a devotee, the person hisses like a snake, writhes on the ground, and demands what the god himself would demand; a white rooster or an egg.” (Strange Sects, p.68)

It may be no ‘coincidence’ that the Hebrew word for “snake” is NAQASH; which is basically the same Hebrew word for “enchanter” (shaman/witchdoctor). The Shamans of black Africa (and Brazil and the Caribean) “hiss” like snakes when they are possessed by the spirit of Damballa. The ancient black shamans of India were called the “Nagas”; which means in Sanskrit “wise” and “serpent”.

Was the talking “serpent” in the Garden of Eden a literal “snake” or a shaman possessed by the spirit of Damballa?

What is called Voodoo, or Santeria, or Macumba, or Umbanda or Candomble, or the various secret societies of Africa, is not limited to the islands of the Caribbean or to secret haunts in New Orleans. Rather, these secret societies exist throughout all of black Africa, and everywhere black Africans have settled in the world.

*The Brazilian Religions

The most popular religion in Brazil is not Roman Catholicism, but Spiritualism under the names of Quimbanda, Macumba, Umbanda, and Candomble. All of these religions are based upon the African secret societies. In Africa, as in China or ancient Rome or Greece, various gods and goddesses are worshipped. Ancestors are also worshipped. Yet, besides these, black Africa has a unique tradition. A Spiritualist tradition that cannot be found in any other ancient society. These were the secret societies that worshipped a god in the form of a serpent. When the Portuguese brought over millions of black Africans to be slaves on their plantations, the Africans brought with their culture and religion. Although forced to be baptized as Catholics, the great majority of black African slaves retained their secret religion which they practiced at night (mostly in secret) while they would openly be ‘Catholic’ during the day. After slavery ended in Brazil in 1888, the black former slaves became more and more open about their real beliefs, and, over the last century, most white and mulatto Brazilians have become members and adherents of one or more of the black African systems.

Today in Brazil there are tens of thousands of temples dedicated to various African gods and goddesses. Almost all the mediums are black women. The men have only administrative duties. The goal of the devotees is to get gain (material wealth and health) by supplicating the spirits called loa. Some of the loas are called Exus.

Rosemary Ellen Guiley writes:

“Like the followers of Candomble and Umbanda, Quimbandistas call upon the Exus, but appeal to their identities as tricksters and specialists in witchcraft and sorcery. ‘King Exu,’ often identified with Lucifer, works with Beelzebub and Ashtoroth, called Exu Mor and Exu of the Crossroads. Exu of the Closed Paths inspired the most dread in Brazilians, for it prayers to their dark lord succeed, victims could lose jobs, lovers, and family, become ill and eventually die, finding ‘all paths closed unless treated by the white magic of the orishas.” (Harper’s Enclyclopedia of Mystical & Paranormal Experience, p.36)

Just about all the mediums in Voodoo, and all the other African secret society sects, are female. One scholar comments:

“Even today men in Candomble perform political rather than spiritual duties.” (Harper’s Encyclopedia of Mystical & Paranormal Experience, p.335)

Researcher Ossie Stuart writes:

“In [the Brazilian state of] Bahia women hold an important role as mediums of the Yoruba gods” (A New Handbook of Living Religions, p.718)

Nobody knows why this is. But this might explain what President John Taylor meant when he said that the blood of Cain passed through the Flood in order for the Devil to have a representative on earth. Ham married Egyptus (which means “Forbidden”). Why the strange name? Why the term “Forbidden”? The mediums of Damballa (all female) were “forbidden” to all other men.

Did Ham marry a priestess of Damballa?

It seems to be clear he did!

The Cainite religion (which was based upon the worship of the Serpent) passed through the flood, and was passed down to the post-Flood Egyptians in their temples of Set. As Greeks, Persians, and Romans and Syrians moved into Egypt, the original Hamitic Egyptians began to move further and further South; until the southern most of the ancient Egyptians migrated across the great deserts and into the lands of the native African tribes. They conquered or intermingled with these tribes; passing the Hamitic (and Cainite) bloodline. They took with them the priesthoods of Set (Damballa). Before, the native African tribes simply worshipped their ancestors and the forces of Nature (and they still do today), but it was the Nubians who migrated and brought with them their secret combinations; which still exist today and can be found not only in black Africa, but in Brazil, the Caribbean islands, and certain parts of the Southern United States and in almost every big city in the U.S. as well.

All African-Americans have the blood of the Yoruban tribe in them; a native African tribe with some ancient Egyptian blood in them from the Nubian migrations.

The eminent American researcher of religions J. Gordon Melton writes:

“Yoruba Religion is considered to be the ‘rain forest version of the Ancient Egyptian Mystery System’. It is the source for Afro-Cuban Santeria, but makes no attempt to equate its gods with Christian saints.” (The Encyclopedia of American Religions, p.662)

African historians such as Michael Meleya writes that the Yorubans came from Nubia about 2000 B.C. and intermarried with the native Nigerian “Nok” tribes. (Certificate History of Nigeria, p.1 online) African scholar and historian Olumide J. Lucue writes:

“The Yoruba, during antiquity, lived in ancient Egypt before migrating to the Atlantic coast [of Africa].: (Precolonial Black Africa, p.216)

Scholars know that “the original priesthood of the serpent god Set, in ancient Egypt, survived for twenty-give recorded dynasties (3200-700 B.C.)” (Harper’s Encyclopedia of Mystical & Paranormal Experience, p.336)

They write:

“When the Hebrews emigrated from Egypt during the XIX dynasty they took with them a caricature of Set and gave him the title Satan from the hieroglyphic Set-hen which is one of this god’s formal titles.” (Harper’s, p.12)

“Perhaps the most impressive architecture in ancient Africa, excepting Egypt, would be the royal city of Benin in Nigeria. The most prominent feature of this architecture is the form of the serpent.” (Harpers’, p.12)

“In Egyptian tradition, the god Set represents the forces of chaos and destruction, of energy misplaced. He was the manifestation of Apep of Typhon, opposers of the power of light.” (Pagan Pantheon, p.13 online)

The symbol of the priesthood of the Dogon tribe (which-like most West African tribes-claims ancient Egyptian heritage) is Lebe (“The Snake”).

Throughout black Africa there are secret societies which have their own robes, symbols, handshakes, oaths, covenants, aprons, and rituals. In one such society in West Africa a special house is built for Mwetyi, the serpent-spirit. The Rev. Robert H. Nassau M.D. writes:

“Mwetyi is a great spirit, who is supposed to dwell in the bowels of the earth, but comes to the surface of the ground at stated seasons or when summoned on any special business. A large flat house of paticular form is erected in the middle of the village for the temporary sojourn of this spirit. The house is always kept perfectly dark, and no one is permitted to enter it, except those who have been initiated into all the mysteries of the order....” (Fetishism in West Africa, p.115)

The Yorubas called the serpent-god “Damballa”. Other West African tribes call him “Mwetyi”. Other tribes call him by other terms. The Hebrews called him “Satan” and Ba’alZebub (“Lord of Flies”) or “HaLayl” (“The Shining One”). The Latin name for HaLayl is Lucis-Fere (“Light-Bearer”); otherwise known as Lucifer.

Whether it is called Voodoo, Santeria, Candomble, Macumba, Ubanda, Shango, Obeah, Bizango, Quimbanda, or whatever name you call it, it is all the same. It is Spiritualism. It is the acts of mediums becoming possessed by a spirit (loa). Spiritualism always teaches Gnosticism. The ‘spirits’ always teach it. Always. Is this mere coincidence?

On October 6, 1870, Brigham Young spoke on the difference between Spiritualism and Mormonism. He said that “their system is from beneath, while ours is perfect and is from above; one is from God, the other is from the devil, that is all the difference.” (Journal of Discourses 12:266)

President Jedediah M. Grant, the Second Counselor to Brigham Young in The First Presidency, once gave a talk he called “The Power of God and the Power of Satan”. He said that secret object behind Spiritualism was to destroy the Church, and that “the result of the manifestations of the spirits (wicked spirits) will be to combine their forces in as systematic an order as they are capable of, to successfully resist the Priesthood of God upon the earth.” (Journal of Discourses 2:10-11).

In 1893 Apostle George Q. Cannon wrote:

“Spiritualism professed to make it easy for all to obtain spiritual manifestations. No faith in Jesus, no repentance, no baptism, no laying on of hands, needed to obtain them. Purity of life was not essential. The wicked and the reprobate, as well as those of better lives, could receive spiritual communications. In this way, Satan used Spiritualism to counteract the influence of the Gospel.” (Juvenile Instructor 28, 1 March 1893, p.162)

In 1899 Apostle James E. Talmage wrtoe:

“The restoration of the Priesthood to earth in this age of the world, was followed by a phenomenal growth of the vagaries of Spiritualism, whereby many have been led to put their trust in Satan’s counterfeit of God’s eternal power.” (The Articles of Faith, p.236)

In 1901, President Joseph F. Smith (6th President of the Church) said:

“Spiritualism started in the United States about the time that Joseph Smith received his visions from the heavens. What more natural than that Lucifer should begin revealing himself to men in his cunning way, in order to deceive them and to distract their minds from the truth that God was revealing.” (Conference Reports, April 1901, p.73)

In 1966 Apostle Bruce R. McConkie wrote:

“It is true that some mediums do make contact with spirits during their seances. In most instances, however, such spirits as manifest themselves are probably the demons or devils who were cast out of heaven for rebellion.” (Mormon Doctrine, 2nd Ed., p.759)

Spiritualism is just another name for Gnosticism.. The ancient Gnotics taught that the creator of the material Cosmos, Jehovah, was evil. Lucifer was good. They called Jehovah the “Ruler”. One ancient Gnostic writing said:

“Then the Female Spiritual Principle came in the Snake, the Instructor, and it taught them, saying...’you shall not die, for it was out of jealousy that he [Jehovah] said this to you. Rather, your eyes shall open, and you shall become liek gods, recognizing evil and good’..And the arrogant Ruler cursed the Woman...and the Snake.” (The Elements of Gnosticism, p.19)

Why did God allow Spiritualism to arise? When Moses changed his rod into a snake, the priests of Pharoah did the same thing. Why? Why does an All-powerful God allow such manifestations from the evil one? Why did He send the Restored Gospel to Upstate New York, and, right behind it, modern Spiritualism was founded in Upstate New York? Why?

The answer is simple!

He allowed it so mankind (or whatever color) may choose between good and evil! The very purpose of our lives is to have that free choice. This is why we are given free agency. This is why God allowed the Tree of the Knowledge (Gnosis) of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden; so that Adam and Eve could have a choice.

Ham’s wife Egyptus was probably a medium-indeed probably a priestess of Damball--and based upon her channeled messages, and the channeled messages of others, a Gnostic priesthood was established in ancient Egypt called the priesthood of Set. The symbol of this priesthood was the serpent. When the ancient Nubians migrated into black Africa they took their serpent-god Damballa with them, and they took their secret combinations with them; now referred to by scholars as the “African secret-societies”. . Today, Damballa is worshipped by these secret societies all over black Africa and in the Caribbean and Brazil and other places where black Africans have settled.

Damballa has not been kind to black Africans. He could not save them from the white slavers. His influence is Haiti has left that country in dire poverty and ignorance for centuries. In South Africa his influence led to the blacks being powerless to protect themselves from white settlers.

“12 And Adam and Eve blessed the name of God, and they made all things known unto their sons and daughters.

13 And Satan came among them saying: I am also a son of God; and he commanded them , saying: Believe it not, and they believed it no, and they loved Satan more than God. And man began from that time forth to be carnal, sensual, and devilish.” (Moses 5:12-13)

One could interpret this a number of ways:

1. The children of Adam and Eve were white, and thus the white race ‘love Satan more than God’.

2. All humans are the descendants of Adam and Eve, and thus all humans are ‘satanic’ people.

3. All humans are natural, and in their natural condition we love Satan more than God, but if we repent and follow Jesus this natural condition can be reversed; this reversal being called ‘salvation’.

So, we see that even The Book of Moses can be ‘interpreted’ to mean that the white people are ‘followers of the Devil’ if we allow it to be interpreted that way. The same is true with John Taylor’s discourse. It is impossible to believe that he regarded black folks as ‘representatives of Satan’; since he was against slavery, and because of the fact he never said anything else that could be construed to mean he believed that they were his representatives. On the other hand, Taylor believed that the ‘secret combinations’ were of Satan through his covenant with Cain, and that this covenant was handed-down through the Cainite lineage.

*The Opposing Priesthoods

Anti-Mormon writers note that the Mormon Priesthood (really, Jesus’ Priesthood that

was restored to the earth in 1829 via the ministry of angels) includes covenants, handshakes,

passwords, and the like. Does this mean the Mormon Priesthood is from Satan?

No. It means that Satan copies. He also corrupts.

The Book of Abraham chapter one says that Pharoah (presumably the first pharoah of Egypt) was “a righteous man” and that he desired do righteousness, but being a descendant of Ham and Egyptus he had no right to the Holy Priesthood; so he designed an priesthood order to resemble the Holy Priesthood. This order was probably the priesthood of Amon.

Amon (also called Amen, Amun, Min, etc.) was considered the Creator-god: the father of the gods. According to the ancient Egyptian writer Manetho (3rd century B.C.), Moses himself was a high priest of Amon, and that the Jewish Temple rituals are based upon some rituals of the Temple of Amon (Complete Works of Josephus, pp.617-623). The Hebrew God Jehovah is also supposed to have been based upon Amon (which means “Hidden” and “Unknown”).

In opposition to the priesthood of Amon was the priesthood of Set; called Typhon (“Serpent”) by the Greeks. Helena P. Blavatsky writes:

“Typhon, in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, figures as the of Typhon’s appellations is Set; as Satan in Hebrew, means the adversary.” (Isis Unveiled 2:438)

In Mormon scripture Satan (also known as Lucifer) is called “the Accuser of his brethren”.

This satanic-covenant continued for many generations. Still today we can find that covenant continuing today in black Africa, in Haiti, in Brazil; where black female mediums are possessed by evil spirits, and black male secret organizations control their governments and societies. Only the Blood of Jesus can cleanse these individuals and nations from this satanic-compact. Only the Gospel of Jesus Christ can bring this darkness to light, and save these people from the grip of Satan.

The very purpose of The Book of Mormon is for the convincing of Jew and Gentile that “Jesus is the Christ”. But today, New Age Gnostic organizations like Lucis Trust (until 1939 it was called Lucifer Trust) declares boldly that “Jesus is not the Christ”. (Book of New Age Cults & Religions, p.242).

As Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, mankind has, in these last days, been given a choice between two opposite.. It is the free agency of all men to choose between them, and suffer or be rewarded in the eternities for that decision here on earth.

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