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Question #42

Q. David O McKay called the Priesthood ban a ‘policy and not a doctrine’. Could it have been a mistaken policy?

A. The Priesthood ban was an official policy of the Church which was based upon the Curse of Cain doctrine. They went hand-in-hand. If there was no Curse of Cain doctrine then there would have been no Priesthood ban policy. But both the policy and the doctrine originated with the Prophets of the Church, and if the policy and doctrine were a “mistake” then at any given time the leadership of the Church can put forth “mistakes” as official policy and doctrine. In that case, no Member could be sure if the Church’s current policies and doctrines are from the LORD or not.

Until the Church itself officially calls the Priesthood ban policy and/or the Curse of Cain doctrine a “mistake” the Members have no right to do so. A Member of the Church can say “I don’t believe this was true doctrine” but they cannot speak for the Church. They cannot say to others, “The Curse of Cain was a false doctrine or mistaken notion!” They cannot say, “The Priesthood ban was a mistake”. They can say, “I personally believe that....” How the Church responds to such personal declarations is only known fully to those who make them.

The official position of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is that the Priesthood ban and the Curse of Cain were from the LORD, and until The First Presidency says otherwise that shall continue to be the official position of the Church regardless of what Members think, wish, hope, or say. Members speak only for themselves; not for the Church. Only The First Presidency can speak for the Church, and they have yet to issue a repudiation of the Curse of Cain legacy.

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