The Mormon Faith & Black Folks
Question #41

Q. I’ve heard that the Church didn’t ordain black men to the Priesthood because the white members were prejudiced and weren’t ready for blacks in the Church. Is this true?

A. While it is true that many white members were prejudiced (as were most white Americans in those times) it is not true that the Priesthood was not granted to blacks because whites weren’t “ready for it”. The true and real reason was explained many times by Mormon leaders in statements both written and spoken. The only reason ever given was because black Africans were under the Curse of Cain-their forefather-and would be denied the Priesthood in mortality until the curse was removed by the LORD. Any other reason you hear other than this is purely the speculations and personal opinions of individual Membes who speak only for themselves and not for the Church. Only the First Presidency can speak for the Church, and it has. It has issued official statements that the "Negro" is a descendant of Cain, and could not hold the Priesthood because of that fact, but that "one day" the restriction would be removed, and "the Negro" would receive all the blessings available to men and women of other lineages.

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