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Question #32

Q. But if these two priesthoods are necessary to become the Elect of God, to inherit Eternal life, to become an Immoral, then how do Mormon women get these things when they cannot hold either of these Priesthoods?

When a worthy Mormon male, who holds both these Priesthoods, is sealed in the Temple to a worthy Mormon female, they become to the LORD as one person. They become one entity in the eyes of the LORD. The Apostle Paul wrote:

“Nevertheless, neither is the man without the woman, neither is the woman without the man in the Lord.” (1 Corinthians 11:11)

When a worthy man holding the Priesthood of God is sealed to a worthy woman by one anointed with the sealing power, they become one in the Lord. This means the LORD no longer sees them as two beings, but one being. A Priesthood-holder cannot be eternally married by himself. Nor can a worthy female Saint be eternally married by herself. Both must be sealed together, or not inherit Eternal Life: life belonging to an Aeon. Remember, "Eternal Life" does not mean merely "living forever". It means aeonian life: the kind of life that belongs to an Aeon. An Aeon is a male spirit made one with a female spirit in Godhood. The very name Elohim is a combination of the feminine word Eloah (Goddess) and the masculine word El (God) in a plurality as ONE (IM). Nobody inherits Eternal Life singly and alone.

What about those people in the Church who are worthy, but who can’t find a worthy mate in this life?

Latter-day Prophets have assured us that if a person is worthy, and endures to the end in worthiness, repenting of their sins and not committing the “sin unto death” (shedding innocent blood), they will be exalted, and becomes heirs of Eternal Life. They will find worthy mates in the next world, in the Spirit-World between death and the Resurrection (Day of Judgment), and be sealed unto them at that time.

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