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Q. Isn’t saying that Cain was a murderer and evil also saying that his descendants (which you believe are black Africans) are somehow evil as well?

No! In mortality, innocent children often pay for the sins of their evil fathers. Remember the comment of Brigham Young who said that the spirits of the descendants of Cain were “innocent”.   God chose as His Priesthood in the days of Moses the Levites. Moses himself was a Levite (a descendant of Levi, one of the sons of Jacob who was called “Israel”). Yet, Levi was an evil man. In fact, with his brother Simeon, he was a mass-murderer!

*Levi: Mass Murderer

We read in Genesis that a Hivite (Canaanite) man named Schechem notices that Dinah, the daughter of Jacob (Israel) is beautiful. So he seduces her. This isn’t exactly a rape, but a seduction. The Hivites discover this, and decide to arrange a marriage between Schechem and Dinah; a common practice in ancient times when a man seduces a lass outside of marriage But

Levi and Simeon also discover this, and they become enraged. They decide to murder all the men and boys of the Hivite village, and steal all the women, female children, animals, and other possessions for themselves. They work up a strategem to get the Hivites unprepared for battle. They lie to the Hivites, and tell them that before a marriage can take place the Hivite males must become circumcised like the sons of Israel. Only then can a marriage take place. The Hivites agree, and they circumcise all the males of Hiv; which causes them to be weak and indisposed. On that day, Levi and Simeon sneak into the village and kill all the men and male children who have been circumcised. (Genesis 34:1-31)

Cain killed only one man, but Levi murdered an entire village! Yet, 400 years later, God chose the tribe of Levi to be His anointed ones, His Saints, His royal Priesthood.

The reason why Cain was cursed as pertaining to the Priesthood and not Levi is because Cain had the Birthright but lost it to Abel because of his own unrighteousness, and killed Abel (who had the Birthright) in order to get it back. Levi and Simeon had no Priesthood nor birthright to lose. The Priesthood was not given to the Levites til the time of Moses; centuries after Levi was dead.

The Jews are the descendants of Jacob (Israel) through his son Judah. But Judah had a child by his own daughter-in-law! (Genesis 38:18). Yet, Jesus, the very Savior of man, was a Jew.

*Ephraimites: The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel

White Mormons believe that their ancestors, the Anglo-Saxon peoples of Northern Europe, were the descendants (at least in part) of the Lost Tribes of Israel.

About 800 years before Jesus, the 10 northern tribes of Israel (led by the tribe of Ephraim) broke away from the 2 southern tribes (led by Judah). The 10 northern tribes became known as “Israel” or simply “Ephraim”; while the two southern tribes took the name of “Judah” and became known as the “Jews”.

The Ephraimites broke their covenants with the LORD, and in punishment he let the Assyrians (now Iraq) invade the Northern Kingdom of Israel and take the Ephraimites back as slaves. Brigham Young said:

“In ancient days old Israel was the chosen people in whom the Lord delighted, and whom he blessed and did so much for. Yet they transgressed every law that he gave them, changed every ordinance that he delivered to them, broke every covenant made with the fathers, and turned away entirely from His holy commandments, and the Lord cursed them.” (Journal of Discourses 14:86)

The Prophet Isaiah called the Ephraimites “drunkards” (Isa. 28:1), and the Prophet Hosea claimed they had “committed whoredom” (Hosea 8:9) and “tell lies” (Hosea 12:1). Because of these things the Lord cursed them, and allowed them to become the slaves of the Assyrians. The LORD said of Ephraim:

“It shall also be carried unto Assyria for a present to King Jareb [of Assyria]: Ephraim shall receive shame, and Israel shall be ashamed of his own counsel.” (Hosea 10:6)

About one hundred years later the Southern Kingdom of Judah also was cursed, and as punishment the LORD allowed Nebuchadezzar, the King of Babylon, to come in and take the Jews into captivity. The Book of Mormon begins with Lehi, a Prophet, telling the people of Judah to repent of their sins, or they will be overthrown and led away as slaves to the Babylonians. Not hearing him, Lehi and his family are warned to flee Jerusalem, and are finally led across the ocean to the New World.

The Ephraimites became the slaves of the Assyrians. But some years later they were let free, but they weren’t allowed to return to Palestine. Instead, they traveled north, across the Caucasus Mountains, into Khazaristan (the land between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea north of the Caucasus Mountains and below Russia). After that, they become lost as a people. They became known as the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel.

Nobody knows for sure what happened to them. But some believe that they were the ancient Saka; who entered Europe and intermingled with the native Germanic tribes there. Some believe that the Saxons (Sak-sons) were the Saka or Sakai; the son of Isaac (I-sak), the son of Jacob (Israel). Thus, if this theory is true, the Anglo-Saxons would be an intermingling of a German tribe (Anglos) and the Ephraimites (Saxons, or sons of Isaac).

In 1813 Andrew Jensen (then the Church Historian) declared:

“We are of Israel; there is no doubt of it, and we will find that when our genealogy is revealed in detail it will lead us back from America to England, from England to Scandinavia and Germany, and from there to the country lying between the Caspian and Black Sea, that part of Asia where the Ten Tribes were lost....” (Conference Reports, April 1913, pp.80-81)

The great majority of white Mormons in those days, as well as today, are Anglo-Saxons. During their Patriarchal Blessings (when a Patriarch tells them their lineage and informs them of their futures should they remain faithful) most white Mormons are told they are of the lineage of Ephraim or Manesseh; two of the Lost Tribes of Israel.  

Joseph Fielding Smith (grandnephew of Joseph Smith, Apostle, and 10th President of the Church) wrote in 1970:

“President [Brigham] Young declares that Joseph Smith was a pure Ephraimite. This is true. Joseph Smith Sr., father of the Prophet, received the birthright in Israel which he inherited through his fathers back to Ephraim and Joseph and Jacob to Abraham.” (Doctrines of Salvation 3:253)

*Evil Men In All Lineages

Thus, we have the fathers:


Levi=liar and mass-murderer

Judah=incest (had a child with his daughter-in-law)

Ephraim=liar and drunkard

Yet, from these wicked fathers we get the following:

Cain=the noble Egyptians who were blessed with wisdom.

Levi=The Priesthood of God under the Law of Moses.

Judah=The Jews and Jesus Christ the Savior of Men.

Ephraim=The first white Mormons.

The Bible tells us that all of these lineages were cursed, and blessed, by God; but in different ways.

There are murderers, liars, adulterers, rapists, in all lineages. We are all descended from such men. Yet, God blessed those lineages as well. Hamites are descended from Cain, but from Adam as well. They are just as much Sethites as they are Cainites. They are descended from Ham, whom The Book of Moses (LDS Scripture) says “walked with God”(i.e. was a righteous man). They are the descendants of the first Pharaoh, who is called “a righteous man” in The Book of Abraham. There are good and bad men in all lineages.

*White Lineages Also Cursed Pertaining to the Priesthood

In the days of the Prophet Joseph Smith, several men tried to take control of the Church from him. These men were white men who had the Priesthood. But the LORD said:

“Cursed are all those that shall lift up the heel against mine anointed, saith the Lord, an cry they have sinned when they have not sinned before me, saith the Lord, but have done that which was meet in mine eyes, and which I commanded them.


They shall not have right to the Priesthood, nor their posterity after them from generation to generation.” (Doctrine & Covenants 121: 16,21)

The Curse of Cain was removed from his posterity in 1978. But, according to the LORD, the posterity of those white men who lifted up their heels against His Servant Joseph will not have a right to the Priesthood “from generation to generation”.

To the Latter-day Saints themselves, on Feb. 4th, 1831, at a time when 100% of the Saints were white Anglo-Saxons, the LORD declared:

“HEARKEN, and hear, O ye my people, saith the Lord and your God, ye whom I delight in to bless with the greatest of blessings, ye that hear me, and ye that hear me not will I curse, that have professed my name, with the heaviest of cursings.” (D&C 41:1)

Nobody is exempt from the LORD’s curses; nor His blessings.

Black people of African descent, and white people of Hamitic descent (Berbers, Bedoins, and white Mulattoes) are also the descendants of Ham, the son of Noah, whom God says “walked with God” (was a righteous man). All of us, without exception, have good men and bad men in our lineage. Our eternal rewards rests solely on our conduct in this life, and not on the conduct of our ancestors.

There is no doctrine in the Church, nor any theory in the Church, nor in the Revelations to the Church, that the children of a wicked man inherit his wickedness, but it is a doctrine of the Church that the children will suffer for the sins of their fathers. The Bible is full of this. God sent horrible plagues upon the Egyptians because Pharaoh, one man, hardened his heart. God sent a curse of servitude upon the Canaanites because of the actions of Ham! In mortality children often pay for the sins of their fathers, but not in the Eternal Worlds were all shall receive a just reward or punishment for their own actins in mortality.

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