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Question #18

Q. What about black females? Do they have the Priesthood now too?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is different from all other Christian churches in that it is guided by direct Revelation from the LORD to the President of the Church.  We call him our “Living Prophet”; because he receives Divine Revelation. Thus far, the LORD has declared that the Priesthood is only for males. Faithful Latter-day Saints accept this as the Will of the LORD. We don’t question His Will; nor His methods, but accept them on faith.

Since it’s founding in the year 1830, females have never had the Priesthood of God. We do not know why this is; only that it is the Will of God. If it is the Will of God someday that females receive the Priesthood then this will be revealed to the President of the Church via Divine Revelation, and not in any other way. The LORD has thus far revealed that the divine organization for females is not the Priesthood but the Relief Society.

Faithful Latter-day Saint women who are sealed to faithful Latter-day Saint men in the Temple share all the blessings and rewards of the Priesthood with their husbands; both here on earth as well as in the Worlds of God.

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