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The photo is of Samuel and Amanda Chambers (c. 1910); a wealthy and prominent Black Mormon couple in the Salt Lake Valley in the late 19th/early 20th century.

This is a free online book. It is not copyrighted. It is divided into this Introduction, plus 58 Questions (chapters), and an Appendix. It is about 150 to 240 pages total; depending on what computer and printer you use. It can be printed-out by chapter only. It is not copyrighted. Anyone is welcome to make as many copies as they like and distribute them without permission. This is NOT a publication of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter~day Saints, but is a private publication, and the personal opinions of the author~Darrick T. Evenson

Dear Reader,

For 150 years The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- day Saints (commonly known as the "Mormon Church" or "The LDS Church", or, better, The Mormon Faith), denied it's Holy Priesthood and the higher ordinances of Mormon Temples to people of Hamitic (black African) lineage; with only a few exceptions. The reason given for 150 years by Church leaders was that black Africans are the descendants of Cain, the firstborn son of Adam and Eve, and Cain was cursed with a denial of the Priesthood upon himself and his descendants until the slain Abel was resurrected, had children, and all of his descendants were granted the Priesthood first; because Cain had killed Abel in an attempt to retrieve his lost birthright (lost because of an unworthy sacrifice offering) to Abel. For 150 years this was put forth as official Church doctrine and policy. A few exceptions to this rule were made. Elijah Abel, an early black Mormon who was a personal friend and adopted brother to the Prophet Joseph Smith, and his male descendants were ordained to the Priesthood. Also, Walker Lewis, a black Mormon living in Lowell, Massachusetts, was ordained to the Priesthood, but he never joined the Saints in Utah.

In June of 1978, LDS Church President Spencer W. Kimball received a Revelation from the LORD whereby the Priesthood-ban (as it had become known) was lifted; allowing worthy black men (of Hamitic lineage) to be ordained, and allowing Hamite members of the Church the higher (most important) ordinances in Mormon Temples. Since that time, hundreds of thousands of black and Mulatto people have joined the Church, or are investigating the Church every year. Most of them have heard that Mormons "hate black folks" or "don't like blacks" or are or were "racist". They have sincere questions. Unfortunately, to date (2002 A.D.) missionaries do not receive one minute of instruction on how to answer these questions. That is why this book was written; to explain ALL ABOUT The Mormon Faith & Black Folks; to set the record straight for now and all eternity.

The Mormon Faith & Black Folks is divided into 58 Questions (chapter); answers to questions that people ask about the Church and blacks. These are called "BPQs" ("Blacks and the Priesthood Questions"). The Mormon Faith & Black Folks answers all BPQs, and all questions commonly associated with BPQs. Each chapter is anywhere from 1 page to 35 pages long. The entire book online is (depending upon which computer and printer you use) between 150 and 300 pages in length. It is divided into a Mainpage which includes and Introduction and 59 links (58 Questions and an Appendix).

The Mormon Faith & Black Folks was written so that a non-Mormon with no knowledge of Mormon history or doctrine can easily understand it. Active Members will find many sections redundant or seemingly unnecessary and say, "Everybody KNOWS that! Why is he going over this in such detail?" In fact, all Mormons know Mormon history and doctrine, but non-Mormons won't know. So, they need to be educated in Mormon history, doctrine, and practice while their questions are being answered.

The Mormon Faith & Black Folks IS NOT COPYRIGHTED! You are more than welcome to make copies of all the chapters and distribute or publish them without permission from the author. I encourage you to make copies and distribute them to others. Seminary Teachers and Institute Instructors, and missionaries called or serving in areas with large black populations, are especially encouraged to make copies and give them to associates.

The Mormon Faith & Black Folks is an apologetical work. It was written to strengthen testimonies, and defend the Church! It is not a dry scholarly history of blacks in the Church. It was written to increase one's faith in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The book was written to help those perplexed by BPQs, and to defend the Church against false accusations that Anti-Mormons use against it regarding the Church and black folks. Just how this is accomplished only the Reader will know after he or she has read the book.

Thank you, and enjoy your reading.

Darrick T. Evenson
27 August 2002

The Mainpage includes an Introduction and links to the 58 Questions and Appendix

The Mormon Faith & Black Folks MAINPAGE