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Comatose was the last cd recorded by Axe Minister in 1999 and released in early 2000. This cd was record on a 12 Digital record in home as Axe Minister did most of there recordings at home. 3 months of agony and getting the sounds the way we wanted them. The cd was mastered by EMI Capital records. Over 3,000 copies were released a brilliant piece of work by the oldest Metal Band in St. Louis. This CD features member changes Adam Brooks on vocals, John Van Coutren on Bass Guitar, Bret Weinrich on Guitar and Lee Skyles on the drums. Defintely the heaviest of the work by the Minister.


There is approxmately 100 of the cd's still available
You can purchase one directly from a band member
By sending $10 plus $2 S&H to:
 Axe Minister
4640 Demaree Ct.
House Springs, MO 63051

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