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Order Squamata

Squamata is the largest group of reptiles with 7588 species and hundreds more waiting to be discovered. They have scaly bodies with short or small, useless limbs. Many species have no legs at all. They all range in a wide variety of sizes and colours. There are 3 suborders, Sauria, Serpentes, and Amphisbaenia.

Amphisbaenia (amphisbaenas)

This smallest of the suborders was at one time grouped with the lizards in the suborder Sauria. This suborder is comprised of mostly legless reptiles, although some species have small forelegs. Amphisbaenas can be very long and look remarkably like earthworms. They live underground, are typically a pink or red in colour, and are covered in rings. Like earthworms, they come to the surface after a rain. There are 158 species in three families:

Amphisbaenidae (amphisbaenas) 148 spp
Trogonophidae (shortheaded amphisbaenas) 6 spp
Bipedidae (two-legged amphisbaenas) 4 spp