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Todd's 66 Chevelle Convertible Project

Welcome to Todd's Restification of his 66 Chevelle Convertible.
(updated 5/22/00)
Todd and his brother Darren flew out to California in June, 1999 and
drove this virtually rust-free car all of the way back to Missouri.

The above picture is Todd's Chevelle
the day Todd started tearing it apart.
(Yes, he tore it apart)

This is how it looked 6 weeks later (1/2/00).
*** It's Painted!***

Go here to take a look!

This is the second 66 Chevelle Convertible that Todd has owned, and the third Rad Rod that he has owned. Todds first car was none other than a 57 Chevy Hardtop. (I will try to post some images when he gives me the pics.)

The original motor was a 327 with a Powerglide behind it. When Todd bought it, it had a Holley 600, double hump heads, and single exhaust! To see the engine bay, click here.

Todd's brother Darren doing all of the real work.
(Darren is building a 67 Chevy II hardtop. It's an original V8 4 speed SS car.)

During the summer of '99, Todd drove the car and hit as many shows as possible while planning how he was going to build it. He added the steel SS repro hood and inserts, and the 15X8 chrome Corvette ralleys with 245/60 Dunlop GT Qualifiers.
He also dumped the Holley for a Edelbrock.
Todd is in the process of changing the convertible into an SS. When finished, it will be painted DuPont Viper Blue 2 stage with stock black interior, silver undercarrage and plenty of polished stainless under the hood. Future plans could include a/c and possibly a 700R4 tranny.

Todds "theme" for this car was for it to be a real life Hot Wheel. Big tires, silver undercarrage and over the top!

The teardown started the second week in November. He separated the body and frame using stacked 2X4 blocks with "allthread" keeping the body and frame together. Todd and his friend, Andy, then sandblasted the entire undercarrage, interior and dash. The windshield had leaked and rotted out some of the dash.

Take a look at how the bodywork is coming along.

The drivers floorpan was then patched (it had rusted from the inside out from wet feet, something unheard of in the land of rain, snow, and salt) as was a section of the trunk pan. By Thanksgiving weekend, the frame and undercarrage were done! He painted them Nason's Metalic Silver Frost.

Check out Todds trunk and floorpan.
Todd has decided to upgrade to front disks (and possibly disks all of the way around). Factory type disks won't do however, so Wilwood 4 piston calipers will do the stopping up front. Todd and Andy had spent a lot of time and effort making a set of polished aluminum calipers work, but the fabrication process was taking too much of their precious time up.

Take a look at the Chevelles suspension and brakes.

Click on the Chevelle to e-mail Todd.

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