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"Men of the courageous "BIG RED ONE", who served in the 1st Division, 2nd Battalion, 16th Infantry "Rangers", Charlie Company aka "THE MUDSOLDIERS",for our country in Vietnam from 1965 through 1970."
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"Operation Abilene" April 1966

Men of Charlie Company who received the Medal of Honor from Operation Abilene--April 1966

Charlie Company at Fort Riley, Kansas in 1964

Pictures of the men of Charlie Company during their tours in Vietnam 1965 thru 1970 (Updating in progress)

Pictures from Past Reunions

Home of the men of Charlie Company, Fort Riley, Kansas TODAY

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Current Charlie Company Roster of men found since July 2000---UPDATING

Charlie Company Documents

This website was started in July of 2000 to honor the soldiers.... the men.... the heroes.... of Charlie Company 2/16.

As you go through this website their stories are heard. The happy moments....the sad....the feelings of brotherhood....the compelling true views of the Vietnam war and the actuality of war from these warriors. Charlie Company is part of the Army's greatest troops which are part of the "Big Red One", the 1st Division from Fort Riley, Kansas.


This motto is the creed that the men of Charlie Company lived and died by.

"Seeking Charlie 216: The Lost Warriors" By CCO Angel (4-11-12)

Why I sought out the men who fought on April 11, 1966 in the Republic of Vietnam during Operation Abilene in the Battle of Xa Cam My.
I am a wife of one of the men who served with you in that battle.
My two children and I have survived all means of abuse from this man who always blamed what he did to us on this battle.
I would like to rededicate this website to the men past and present of Charlie Company, instead of one man being put up on a pedestal above all others who did not deserve more credit than any other.
I do hope the men of Charlie Company will accept my humble apology for being mislead by a man who did no more than anyone else,
who blamed all of his abuses that he daily did to my two children and myself as well as his other children on this battle that occurred in Vietnam.
Through many years of research on PTSD and finding the men of Charlie company I have never once seen another Vietnam Veteran with PTSD to be able to turn it on and shut it off.
My husband used all of his military training against his own family which in my eyes coming from a military family myself,
is a disgrace to all past, current and future men and women in uniform. I honor and thank all those who have served ,
but in his case he intentionally has tried to destroy other brothers of C company who did not see things his way and would bully up on them at the reunions I had for you all
and literally tried to lie to destroy a few good men who did not deserve the remarks by him that would not agree with his fabrications.
As stated by the CBS reporter from the news clipping that was made on April 12, 1966 “The survivors will have a lot of memories”.
And they did….and so do their family members.
If you are having difficulties there really are people who can help you, please get help.
Unfortunately in my husband's case he never will get real help.
He will continue to abuse.
He will continue to fabricate his time in Vietnam to make people feel sorry for him so he can abuse
You have to want to get help, not do it for show



Long as I remember the rain been comin down. Clouds of mystery pourin confusion on the ground. Good men through the ages, tryin to find the sun; And I wonder, still I wonder, who'll stop the rain.
I went down Virginia, seekin shelter from the storm. Caught up in the fable, I watched the tower grow. Five year plans and new deals, wrapped in golden chains. And I wonder, still I wonder who'll stop the rain.
Heard the singers playin, how we cheered for more. The crowd had rushed together, tryin to keep warm. Still the rain kept pourin, fallin on my ears. And I wonder, still I wonder who'll stop the rain.

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