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CAT BREEDS-- As of this month I'm going to start covering all the breeds of cats. Until I've covered all I know. I'll cover a few each month. ENJOY!

ABYSSINIAN-(I have one)- The Abyssinian is one of the oldest distinct breeds- Many of today's cats'pedigrees can be traced back for well over a century. Even in the nineteenth century,the origin of the breed was obscure; sometime maintained that it had been bred from imported cats, although from where was never quite clear; others said that it had been developed from domestic cat breeds. Medium sized and of moderate type, neither cobby nor elongated,the abyssinian in an elegant and muscular cat. With it's moderate wedge head and large ears,which are often tufted the Aby has a very distinctive look.THe coat is short and close-lying and does not need much grooming,except when the cat is sheding. One of the essential features of the breed is its ticked coat pattern,each hair having bands of light and dark color. The origial color, known as usual or ruddy has a deep rich orange undercoat with black ticking, giving a rich golden brown apperance, while the sorrel has a slightly lighter undercoat with cinnamon ticking for an overall look of burnished copper. (sorrel meaning red) Abyssinians are also bred in blue, chocolate,lilac,fawn,red,cream,and six tortie colors,plus silver versions of all of these although not all of the colors are recognized in all contries. Although from the description and names such as "aluminum" and "silver fancy" it is likely that silver abyssinians were shown in the nineteenth century, they are still not universally recognized today. The Aby is rather independent, can struggle if picked up or restrained when it does bot wish to be,and is somewhat wary of stranges,although very friendly with familiar human companions. Although quite talkative,it is not noisy. Abyssinians are lively,energetic,and given the oppurtunity, excellent hunters. The body is long and slender,harmonious in it's proportions. The slender legs,the small feet with the black pads, and its agile movements all combine to give the abyssinian the elegance of the Siamese. The head is slightly triangular,elongated. The nose is dark with a black border. The ears are large and pointed,open and rounded at the tips.The eyes may be green hazel or yellow. Their eyes have been described as "the biggest,most innocent eyes in the world" The tail is long finely tapered with thick hair.They are very affectionate,sweet,although athletic. At first contact with a new family it may seem unsociable,but if treated with respect and addressed in a quiet voice it quickly shows it's good temper and finds expression for its sharp intelligence. It takes a great interest in everything about the house and meows musically.

AMERICAN CURL Orginating from a strange curled eared kitten found in Californiain 1981.The American Curl is now a recognized breed in the United States,although few are seen elsewhere. A medium sized cat,similar to a domestic long- or shorthair but less cobby and rounded than a pedigree British or American Shorthair, the Curl has one very distinctive feature: the tips of it's ears curl backward. The degree of cul varies from a very slight tilt at the tip to a full 180- degreee cresent,but should not curl around to touch the head. American Curls are bred in both longhaired,with a semi-long silky be any color or pattern,since these are not important features of the breed. The longhaired Curl requires more frequent grooming than the shorthaired,but does not need the daily grooming of a Persian, since it lacks a thick undercoat. A friendly playful breed, the Curl is similar in temperament to a domestic cat and makes a good companion.


Another breed of purely American origin. Wirehairs are descended from a cat found in New York in 1966. Since the unusual coat is caused by a recessive gene, American Wirehairs cannot be mated to other cats to get wirehaired kittens, so the breed is fairly uncommon and rarely seen outside the United States. The American Wirehair is very similar to the American Shorthair in shape--a fairly cobby cat of medium size,with arounded head and body. It is bred in all of the same colors and patterns as the American Shorthair, but is distinguished by its coat. Instead of smooth straight hair, the tip of each guard hair (the longer hairs in the coat) is bent, giving a rough, springy feel and a slightly untidy appearance. The Wirehair requires little grooming and is a good companion, without displaying any extremes of temperament.


Origin: Emigrants who were leaving Europe n the 1600s to seek a new life in America picked up their few belongings which included their cats, and set sail. These animals make no pretense to nobility, but are simple, domestic creatures. A group of ardent breeders, masterfully adding the blood of some good local stock, succeeded in fixing a new breed: strong,beautiful,original, they were admired and subsequently well recieved in shows.The common European cat, which came in with the imigrants, thus obtained it's new American nationality with some glory. The first American Shorthair, dated 1904, was named Buster Brown. He was bred from British and American Shorthairs. Coat: The American Shorthair has short fur of a strong texture, and thus can comfortably stand cold,dampness,battle wounds, and contact with thorny vegetation. During the winter months the fur gets thicker but not woolly. Color: The Shorthair, so typically American, comes in full variety of colors. If you'd like more information about each one of these colors please e-mail me and I will send you the information. Body: Solid Structures with well developed chest and shoulders. The sturdy legs and strong feet allow it to navigate even the roughest terrain.It has the aspect of a well-trained athlete, without timidities or fears. Head: Full with round cheeks,erect ears, substantial whiskers. It is a great hunter, with such powerful jaws that it is able to seize any prey. Eyes:Brillant,attentive,lively,rounded but slightly slanting all the outsides. Character: Intellegent, affectionate,home-loving, likes children. An excellent climber and jumper, it excersizes its irrepressible instinct of a hunter even when fully fed. It is ready to catch mice of any size at any time. It is definetly considered a "working cat."