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Judd Family of Ohio & Missouri

My Great-Great Grandfather..Wesley Fletcher Judd

I HAVE CORRETED MY EMAIL ADDRESS...PLEASE TRY IT OUT Thanks for stopping by! I hope you will enjoy searching around! As you probably already know, Genealogy is an obsession more so than a hobby. I have found as much as I can at this present time, so I would like to share with you what I have discovered on my ancestors. As you will read on, this family was not exactly "The Brady Bunch". They do have several skeletons in the closet, nonetheless, I feel that it is important that I share these details, if for no other reason but to indentify the behavioral disfunctions that have taken place within my ancestors. I am always checking out leads, so come back soon to see what new information I have found.

The section on"The Murder Of Joseph Earl Judd" might be found objectionable by many individuals. In advance, I apologize if the details offend you, however, I feel it is important for me to share "The Good and The Bad" of my family. So please, sit back relax and explore what I have learned so far!
Wesley Fletcher Judd was born in Ohio on March 7, 1851 in Clermont County, Ohio to Perry Judd and Nancy West. Wesely has several siblings, Lucinda Judd, James R. Judd, Alfred Judd, William Judd, John N. Judd, Samuel Judd, Eliza Judd, Joseph Judd and Nancy Judd. Wesley's father, Perry Judd died October 21, 1853 and Wesley's mother, Nancy, died August 11, 1864. I am still waiting for probate information to determine who took guardianship of the Judd's children. Wesley came to Cooper County Missouri sometime before 1873 which is when he married Miss Sarah Elizabeth Kirkman, daughter of Samuel Kirkman and Susan Shoemaker. From that marriage, three children were born: Charles Lafayette Judd born April 14, 1874, Sarah Elizabeth Judd born ca. 1877 and Mary Ellen Judd born ca 1879. Sarah, Wesley's wife died February 23, 1880. Cause of death is unknown but possibly related to childbirth.
Wesley placed his son, Charles, with a Martha Whitlow to live. He gave Sarah, his daughter up for adoption to the Kaley family of Cooper County. W.W. Kaley and his wife, Elizabeth Allen Cope adopted her. Mary Ellen Judd otherwise known as Mamie, went to live with the Mallotte family of Cooper County. Wesley worked as a farm laborer and eventually remarried to Mrs. Sarah Jane Gheen. Sarah was born Sarah Jane Kidd in the state of Tennesee. She was the former wife of Manly Gheen. Manly was born in 1842 in Windsor Township, Morgan County, Ohio. He served in the 63rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry.He enlisted on 10-25-1861,which he was 19 years old.
Sarah gave birth on July 3, 1884 to Walter Fletcher Judd. My great-grandfather. In February 1885 Sarah filed a petition for a divorce from Wesley. Nothing ever happened with the divorce proceedings. On May 16, 1894, Wesley and Sarah seperated and on October 21, 1897 Wesley filed for divorce. The divorce however was never finalized. The divorce petition and cross bill, each accuse each other of trying to kill each other. Wesley stated that Sarah had a revolver and intended to use it on him. She supposedly showed the revolver and stated to a Sarah Pipkin of Cooper County, Missouri that she was going to kill Wesley. Sarah Judd stated that Wesley intended to kill her with a knife but because of a warning of his intents, she was able to avoid him from succeeding.
According to court documents, Wesley was arrested in May 1894 for assualting and beating Sarah. he was arrested before a Justice of the Peace. These documents also say that Wesley during 1894 and 1896 was in hiding and took their child, Walter who who was about 10 years old at the time. He would not disclose their location. But, I have a photo that places them in Knob Noster, Missouri about that time. I do not have any proof that a divorce ever took place just that they both filed petitions.
Sarah moved to the City of St. Louis and lived next to her sister, Alice E. (Kidd) Travis and her husband John William Travis on 1505 Spruce Street. Documentationis supported by the Civil War Pension file of Manley Gheen, her first husband. Sarah filed for Widow's Declaration of Pension in 1902. According to my research, Sarah may have died about April 23, 1907 from cirhhosis of the liver. I am still waiting for a death record to prove this. More to come later!
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