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The Railroad Death of Charles Lafayette Judd

Charles Lafayette Judd

Charles Lafayette Judd was born in Napton, Missouri on April 14, 1874 to Wesley Fletcher Judd and Sarah Elizabeth Kirkman. After his mother's death, February 23, 1880 (complications from childbirth, his father placed Charles with a Martha Whitlow. He lived with Martha while Wesley went to work.
Charles met Minnie Lee Williams daughter of George Washington Williams and Martha Elizabeth Ross. Charles and Minnie were married October 1898. They had five (5) daughters; Cora Ellen Judd born 9-10-1900, Frances Elizabeth Judd born 8-29-1904, Nellie Mae Judd born 11-5-1905, Stella Lee Judd born 11-14-1906, and Pearl Katherine Judd born 10-6-1909. Charles worked for the Missouri Pacific Railroad most of his adult life. Here are some articles on his death.
While unloading rails from a Missouri-Pacific car at Napton, Friday Jack W. Sparks and C. L. Judd were killed, one instantly, the either living but a few minutes. The accident resulted from a locomotive striking the car they were unloading. According the Marshall daily: J.W. Sparks has lived around Nelson and Napton for about ten years, two and a half miles south of Nelson. He was about 22 years old and well thought of by all who knew him. He is survived by a father and mother, two sisters and two brothers. C. L. Judd was 49 years old and had been working at the Missouri-Pacific Railroad for the past twenty-one years. He lived in Marshall for the past six years and had many friends here. A wife, five daughters, a father and one brother and three sisters survive him.
The Weekly Democrat-News Marshall, Missouri September 20, 1923
TWO SECTION MEN KILLED Jack Sparks of Napton and Charles Judd of Marshall Victims Of Tragedy Which Occurred Friday Two of the Missouri Pacific section employees were in the mortuary here Fri. as a result of a tragedy which occurred about 10:30 o'clock that morning. The two victims of the accident were Jack Sparks, well-known resident of Napton and Charles Judd of this city. The accident occurred when several section men were unloading steel rails from one of the cars. It seems that the rail which claimed the two victims was not lifted clear of the car, and when the large tongs struck the side of the car they automatically released, and the accident followed. Others working on the ground saw the falling rail in time to save themselves, but Sparks and Judd could not be warned in time. Judd lived at 584 W. Boyd Street and is survived by his parents, a wife and five children. Sparks was not married and lived with his parents.
The Weekly Democrat-News Thursday, April 10, 1924 MO PAC. SETTLED FOR $12,500.00
The fatal accident that cost lives of Sparks and Judd occurred September 14, 1923. In the case of Minnie L. Judd, admix. Vs the Missouri Pacific Railroad and Nettie Sparks vs. the same company, settlement has been made by Wm. Jefferies, claim attorney with R.H. Duggins and R.D. Johnson, attorney's for the plaintiffs in the sum of $12,500.00. Mrs. Judd received $8500.00 and Mrs. Sparks $4000.00.

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