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Welcome to ROoD- Rhydins Order of Demise AOL (American Online) RPG Forum.We are a forum associated with DarkNyss Inc and Hatreds Forums United.We have some of the same rules as most AOL RPG forums,but we have also created our own rules to make RPing online more fun and entertaining.ROoD has over 90+ pages of RPG excellence.

Note from DarkNyss Inc.

We all know that Rhydin has changed drastically over the years.Instead of RPing fairly, a lot of individuals/Guilds/Forums ect.,have taken RP way out of control From the basic RP standards. Some members cheat, or have higher dice(strength),given to their Characters.This is very unfair to all RPers and can also cause misjudgments on guilds or forums.If you see ANY illegal RPing activities being done by a member/guild/forum ect,.you should log it,get a witness and then report it to the HC of the guild/forum to see if they are aware of this first.If they are and continue to let it happen,you should then report it to other forums of Fair gaming.

Using OOC terms IC is poor RPing.Dice-LoL-MUN,should not be used IC.SNs should not be said by your character, but actions can be directed by SNs.[Rhydin Slang].If you are caught using OOC terms IC..your character with be penalized with Unknown Insanity[Something unknown to the Rhydin Realms... A.K.A- Cross Rping]

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