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The Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association exists to support United States military veterans who have defended our country, our rights, and our freedoms. Our members share two common bonds: the love of our country and the love of motorcycles. We combine these two passions in our quest to raise awareness of the needs of the U.S. veteran--to ensure that those who stood and fought for our country know that they are not alone. Our goals are to make sure that POWs and MIAs are never forgotten; that there is someone there to say “Goodbye” or “Welcome Home!” to those brave soldiers deployed in harm's way, and to see that those soldiers' families are taken care of.

The CVMA patch incorporates the following colors and symbols:

Red represents the blood that has been shed in battle.

Gold represents all the branches of the U.S. military service.

Black represents our hearts, heavy for those who have given their lives, and for those missing in action or held prisoner of war.

The CVMA patch's spade and skull represent the death that war inflicts and leaves in its wake.

Chapter 4-10 "Shotgun" chapter is located in the Ozark Mountains of South Central Missouri.

Those interested in joining CVMA chapter 4-10 please click on the "Bylaws of the CVMA (to join)" link above.

Next Chapter ride July 20 meet at Hillbilly Junction at 8:30 Willow Springs.

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