A Short BYCU History

As if you care...A short history of Blues You Can Use......... BYCU formed in late Feb.- early Mar. of '98. It was born out of a jam session between Neil, Jeff, and Russell. At first, Russell played drums as he had in the band where they all met, the now legendary Superball. But eventually Jimbob was added and Russell took over the lead guitar duties. Shortly thereafter Kip was added and the second version of BYCU was born. This version of BYCU turned on the local area to their take on the blues. BYCU became the area's premiere band, playing for appreciative crowds that number from 4 to 104...Then, in late October, Kip left the band, and Kevin Williams,(keyboard), entered the scene....Now with a fresh voice, they're continuing to fire up the local area with super-charged funk, classic rock, and soulful blues...Check out their next gig to see for your self !!!!

Email: mother_of_invention@yahoo.com