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As of 08/27/02, I will be overhauling this site. Changing existing graphics so that they will fit webpages better and adding new graphics. The graphics currently on this site should be available through out this overhaul. I'm hoping that within a week, perhaps two, all the changes will be in place. Thanks :) Two weeks,,,Ha! Ok it's near the end of Oct. and I'm still overhauling. So let's say within the next year I'll be done. :))

Hi. Welcome to my graphics. The graphics offered on the linked pages below, are free. They were intended for use on personal web pages and not commercial ones. If you could link back this page, that would be great. I'd also like to see the graphics in use. Send your website address to

Use these settings to properly view and display these graphics
Color palette; High Color (16 bit) Desktop area; 800 by 600 pixels
Follow the path; desktop/my computer/control panel/display/settings

These are background and full set designs for personal web pages.

The graphic at the very top of this page is for my personal use only.
I have other pieces of artwork that are for viewing only.

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