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Links to White Squirrel Page

Your ULTIMATE site to about all White Squirrel Sites!

I tried to get all the websites that include white squirrels in them. Here they are. I have a system called OLNEYGUY'S RATINGS! It's like all the other ratings people. 5 stars mean the best and none mean they suck.
This is the best page for White Squirrels that I have seen so far. The guy has been to 4!!! towns that claim to have white squirrels. The guy doesn't take sides with any of the towns so he is very fair. To visit it, click HERE!
This is another good site for the albinos. click here.
It's a club site that is pretty good. I might join. The club has been to Olney and Kenton for field trips. To visit it, click HERE! STUFF. Yep. CLick here. Okay. It talks about a person in Olney who head partly head of the white squirrels. Click HERE! A town in Missouri has white squirrels. I didn't know that until now. wow. Click HeRe! Ha ha ha. Olney has finally proven to have more white squirrels than Brevard. They said they have about 120. Olney has about 200. CLICk HERe! Olney’s chamber of chambers just tells history like I have. At least I have a little fun with mine. CLiCk hERE! More white squirrels in Exetur, Ontario, Canada. Its there mascot. The site is okay. CLIcK HeRE. Something I guess. ClICK hErE!
This site is okay. I guess this guy is friends with the guy who made the link above who went to 4 towns. Go to the the link of "Where dead white squirrels go." It's pretty sick what they do to the dead squirrels, but the photos are funny. To visit it, click HERE
BOOOO! BOOOOOOOO! The guy talks about the squirrels in Brevard! I didn't even read all of it. Its not one of my favorites, but if you want to go to it, click HERE!
The site is okay. There is not much there, but if you look hard enough, there is some good photos. To go, click HERE!
Whoopee! A photo. That's all it is. I didn't give it any stars because the photo is all that good. Click HERE!
This is a site to a shop that is named "The White Squirrel Shoppe." What is this world coming to. The shop is in Brevard, but it is okay. Click HERE!
Another photo! wow. Click HERE!

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