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On Display or In Real Life

From my observations of white squirrels, I have noticed that there is probably more Olney stuffed white squirrels than there are live ones. I got this conuclusion from looking in my momís 3rd grade school class. The main teacher of the class has a stuffed white squirrel on one of the desks she has. One of itís eyes in already gone since it has been there so long. If you donít understand this quite yet, I will tell you. In the past, Olney will allow a person to stuff a white squirrel if and only if the animal dies by accident (Why do ya think they made the law about a fee for a person who runs over this poor creature?). This means that if a cat chokes it (donít ask) or if it just dies of old age, the person who finds it can stuff it. Why would anyone want to stuff this animal? Because of its value. A stuffed white squirrels is very valuable. Many people havenít even heard of a white squirrel so tyat would jack up the price for some odd reason. In the 1940ís, there were about 800 white squirrels in the area. At one point, there were almost near 1000! Now for some reason, there is about 200 of these pink-eyed creatures. I have a couple of ideas that might save these squirrels. You can find them HERE or go to "I Have An Idea!" on my main page.

To TRY and keep the white squirrels alive, they are a few laws pertaining to them. Three ordinances are in Olney. One is that white squirrels have the "right of way" on any street in Olney. Also for number two, if a motorist gets lucky enough to run over one of these white bats without wings, they will be fined a big $25. And last, the same fine is given to anyone who tries to take one of them out of town, because for some odd reason, Olney residents have found that their squirrels donít survive outside of the city limits. Other than Olney, a bill was introduced in 1925 in the legislature by Representatives Homer Kasserman or Newton, Ill and Clyde Lee of Mt. Vernon, Ill to protect the white squirrels. The Illinois State Law is as follows: Chapter 61, Article 174, Paragraph 40. It is unlawful for any person to take white squirrels in this state at any time. What this means is the exact samething as the third Olney oridinance I was typing about: No one can take a white squirrel out of Olney. I bet none of those other fake white squirrel towns have oridinaces or laws about their creatures. At least Olney cares! Well, I just wanted to tell you more about how white squirrels are becoming scarce in Olney.