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The Official Website of the Tunafriends Network

Welcome to the Official Website of the Tunafriends Network. The Tunafriends are members of the ever-growing TunaClub. We now have over 175 members, and the list gets bigger all the time. The last update was on November 6, 2001. If you haven't joined yet, and you are interested, click on the link below called "How To Join The TunaClub". Guess what? Loyal Tunafriend DoTheKevvyKev has made a banner for us! Thanx dude! If you want to link us to your site, feel free to use the banner. I want to put it on the bottom of the page, but I have yet to figure that out. It has to stay at the top right now, but be patient, I'll have it moved soon. And read the FAQ section, it's cool! Check out the Tributes to Tuna! section... brand new! Now everyone has a chance to show the Tunafish how much we really do respect them! For now, have fun surfing the site, and come back soon for updates.


How The TunaClub Began
The Official TunaClub Member List
The Legend Of The Great White Tunafish
Frequently Asked Questions
How To Join The TunaClub
The Official Tuna Guestbook
Special TunaClub Events
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Tributes to Tunafish!