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Official S.M.A.L.L. Miniature Teddy Bear Society Website

"Miss Purdee Pleez" (by Deanne Crim) invites you to celebrate the enchanting world of miniature bears with the most wonderful group of miniature teddybear lovers here at S.M.A.L.L.

If you love tiny teddies....You've come to the right place! Our incredibly talented members will inspire you as an artist....hobbyist....or collector.

Our creative activities and innovative projects will spark you....our hints & tips will teach you....our wonderful members will become treasured friends! Have fun browsing our site. We hope you will join our group with a FREE membership subscription just click on the "Join List" button for further information.

The Society of Miniature Arctophiles Loving & Learning (S.M.A.L.L.)

Welcome to Our Den.....

*NEW* 2003 Miniature Bear Making Book!

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