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Mrs. Skinner's Test Your Knowledge Scavenger Hunt

So, you think you are an expert at locating information on the internet, do you? Well, try this scavenger hunt out for size. Don't worry, I have included some clues for you, but you have to find the answer yourself. Good luck and happy hunting!!

Question 1:
What NCAA Men's Basketball Team was ranked #20 last week in the AP poll? Which is #5 this week?

Answer 1: (varies each week)

Answer 2: (varies each week)


Hint: Using Yahoo!, search for NCAA polls.

Question 2:
What did the country singer Reba McEntire major in when she was in college?

Answer: Elementary Education


Hint: Using Yahoo!, search for Reba McEntire and look for facts about her life.

Question 3:
Where is rapper Tupac Shakur from? (city and state, please)

Answer: Brooklyn, NY


Hint: You don't need a hint! Use a search engine of your choice and search for personal information about the guy! Try Infoseek.

Question 4:
How many calories are in a Taco Bell bean burrito? Fat grams?

Answer: 380 calories, 12 fat grams


Hint: Search for Taco Bell nutritional information in Yahoo!

Question 5:
What kind of a Beanie Baby is Speedy?

Answer: Turtle


Hint: Search for a Beanie Baby Price Guide or Collectors Page. Try Hotbot or Infoseek.

Question 6:
What does the girls name "Tonya" mean? If you can't find that name, look up the name "Agatha."

Answer: Agatha means good


Hint: Search for Baby Names. You might try Yahoo! for starters.

Question 7:
What is the number boy baby name for 1997?

Answer: Michael


Hint: Search for Popular Baby Names or Top 10 Baby Names in Yahoo!.

Question 8:
What did McDonalds Corporation close at today in the stock market (last trade)? (By the way, the abbreviation in the stock market is MCD)

Answer: (varies each week)


Hint: Go to a search engine, such as Yahoo! or Infoseek and click on the stock market button. Most sites have a link to a stock ticker.

Question 9:
What performer played the voice of Miss Piggy on the Muppets, Cookie Monster on Sesame Street, and Yoda in the Star Wars movies?

Answer: Frank Oz


Hint: Try to find the Muppets homepage and look for performers. You may use any search engine you'd like---WebCrawler, Lycos, or maybe even Alta Vista.

Question 10:
What actor/actress played E.T. in the movie, E.T.?

Answer: Pat Walsh and Debra Winger


Hint: Search for ET in a movie review page. You're on your own on this one!

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