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*~*Tom & Ewa Forever*~*

Welcome to Tom & Ewa Forever!

"This I Promise You"

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Thanks for dropping by, my name is Ewa. I am 20 years old,
and live in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. I originally came
from Poland with my family. On June 29th, 2001 I graduated
from High School - a member of the First Graduating Class
of McMath Secondary. Currently I am in my 2nd year,
attending the University of British Columbia enrolling
in the Nursing Program in hopes of becoming a successful
nurse or doctor someday.

I speak English, Polish, & French. My hobbies include
singing, reading, writing, camping, ballroom dancing,
listening to music, being around animals, travelling,
swimming, meeting new people, & spending time with
the most magnificant man in the world, Tom. Here is
a single red rose that signifies my strong and eternal
love for you.

For love


Welcome to Tom & Ewa...always & forever. I created this site
as as dedication to my wonderful relationship with my loving
boyfriend Tom, of almost 6 years. We have lots for you to see
throughout this website, so just sit back and relax. Allow the
beauty of the music to wash over you and caress your soul.
I hope you enjoy your visit & come again soon, as I am always
updating. Below, are a few pictures of the most important people
in my life. Enjoy your stay, & signing the guestbook located
at the bottom would be much appreciated! Please don't
forget to leave your mark on my Free-For-All Links
page near the bottom & visit my recent pages! Use the
drop down menu below to navigate my site. *~*Smiles*~*

Recent Pages

Miss Summer Polonia 2002.(10/2002)
I won the title of Miss Summer 2002!

My Latest Accomplishment...

My Trip to Puerto Vallarta 07/12/03 - 07/20/03.

Lots of Love & God Bless, Ewa

Don't hesitate to send me your comments,
suggestions, poems, ideas, or just say "hi".
I need your input.

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use the scroll menu below, & hit "ENJOY"!

Happy Moments...

Me and My Boyfriend

Fluffy the Dog!

Here is my dog Fluffy, he is 7 years old.

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