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Other Fun Pics

This is a grouping of all the other pics that I couldn't find a place for or a title that worked for a big enough group. I know there's only a couple now, but I swear that when I get a second that I will add the others in that I have. Until then enjoy and keep coming back.

Nice Butt Baby!

Well... I know I had this one on that other page, but do you really mind seeing it again? It's the only good one of that cute butt of his. Well... besides, I thought I might go into it a bit more... Apparently our hero was odd even as a child. He used to take wire hangers and bend the ends together and make the hook into a loop. Then he would take that loop and rub it on his cheek and fall asleep. Awwww... how cute! Well that white thing he's holding in this pic is... a hanger. How adorable!

Curly Baby!

Well... this one may need a little explaining... As far as I know... his sister did this to him. I'm not sure if I believe that story or not... *evil grin* I mean... after all... you should see how well he puts the makeup on Serendipity (there's a little info on her on the holiday page)! I think what really happened is that Miss Serendipity wanted to get back at him and did this to his hair... but that's just me...

Who is His Barber?

Well... when I first saw this I couldn't stop laughing. I mean... I was rolling on the floor and almost cackling! If this is what I have to look forward to every time he and I take a road trip together... I dunno... Now I'm afraid to introduce him to normal people... Who am I kidding? I don't know any normal people!

Hippie Skater

Here's my beloved when he had longer hair. Now he tells me this was when he was on a retreat with his church. This is him with one of his best friends... we'll call her Methusela... isn't she cute too? I like her lots. She's a sweetie. She's one of the few friends of his that I REALLY like (I don't mean like that you pervy...)

Men at Work

This is my honey hard at work. I told him it looked more like my psychotic friend from back in school with the funny name (you know who you are) but he thought I was insane, which of course I am. He told me that this was the best updated butt-shot I would get. Do we believe him? I think not! We demand better! I want more! But that's ok. I can wait.

Anyway, this was when he got to have fun and work on other people's landscape. I know everyone has at some time mowed the lawn... well ok not everyone (after all, I have never done yard work unless you count making a mud pie). This is him doing just that... without the mud right?

Skater duds

Well... I do believe his skater duds are somewhat cute, but I think if he was just a little more... um... I guess preppy...

We love him no matter what he wears! A tribute to you, Mike! To your questionable style, we still love you!

You don't think he looks like a mushroom head here do you?

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