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Mike Pics!

Well... I see you are interested in looking at my man... what should I think of that? Well... it's ok... I like to look at him too. I had no idea I was creating such an ego in his head, but that's ok. At least now he KNOWS he's fine!

But as you can see there are no pictures of him on this page. And you're wondering... is she fibbing to us? Are there no more pics of this wonderful mystery man? Is he just a figment of her imagination? And the answer is... YES! I mean... NO! I just wanted another excuse to talk more about how wonderful he is! Actually... originally, for those of you who viewed his page before I changed it to this know that there was a page of miscellaneous pictures. The problem was that I wanted to add more, but I knew that there were too many for one page so I was going to separate them into many pages. Well... the only way for me to separate them is to put them in groups of time or place.

Eventually I might get permission to add pics of his family and friends on here... but since I don't have that yet then this is all you get. So pick on of the pages you might like to see and view on!



Misc. Goofy Ones :)

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