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Mike on the Holidays

We all like to have fun on the holidays. Well, this would be him doing that. True, I don't have that many here, but that's not my fault! I have lots of him from Easter, but those all have other people in them. So when I get permission I'll add them later 'nkay?

Snowboarding Freak

As I'm sure I've made quite clear, my beloved is quite the little daredevil. He's supposedly smaller than all his male friends, but he's never let that get in his way. And here he is showing off snowboarding on New Years. That's right, without me. He abandoned me to snowboard. But that's ok... I had friends to be there for me... lol...

Nice Hair!

...And here he is after a vigorous day of snowboarding just relaxing with friends. This is how I get to pay him back for leaving me. I get to put these up for all to see! Yay! Isn't my job fun? *evil grin*

But you just have to love how adorable his little toes are... awwww... don't you just wanna play with them? *kissies for the toes*... oh I guess you don't want to see that do you?... sorry *grin*

Going Green!... Greenage...

For St. Patrick's day this year he decided to "go green". He and his best friend... um... Serendipity?... went to a party at another friend's house and ended up being of such a minority of people actually dressing up for the holiday. Since I wasn't giving permission to show you how adorable Serendipity is then you'll just have to imagine. But I assure you, she's every bit as adorable as the beautiful Methusela.

The only thing wrong with our beloved Michael is that he never listens when he really should! Take his hair that night, for instance. I told him since he was too lazy to wash the green out before he went to bed that he should at least wrap his pillow with a towel because it would rub off. "Oh no, it'll be fine love." And when he woke up... Guess who'll be listinging to his woman from now!

Pretty Smile

I have told Mike time and time again that he has such a beautiful smile and how he should never frown (well you've never seen him pout which just happens to be even cuter and sexier...*evil grin*) right? Well isn't this proof that I'm right? Should there ever be a time when he doesn't smile? I just love the way he looks here... he's so cute! And I didn't want to just leave three pics on this page... so here's a desperate attempt to make this page more...


I had no idea Mike was so friendly! Here he is just attacking a complete stranger with kisses. And he said he wasn't like that, ya know... down there 'n stuff. Well... actually he knows this person pretty well. This is Mr. Snipey. He's a doll. Fun to talk to and isn't he a cutie? It's just too bad he's taken. Oh well... But I really do need to talk to Mike to get him under control here. I mean really... poor Snipey never had a chance, and now there's photographic proof of this sordid affair. What's a guy to do? We believe in ya, Snipey. *sniff* *sniff* And we love ya too! As for Mike...

As I said I had to get permission to add pics from Easter, but now we have three holidays! Now we're moving up in the world! Just see what kind of pics I add from Mike and my one year anniversary... those'll be fun. *evil grin*

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