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Mike in OZ

Our story begins...

My Michael decided that life was boring so he wanted to go to OZ to see all the babes down under. So he packed his gear and grabbed his Visa (not Master Card because Visa is accepted in more...) and headed for the horizon. He did quite a bit of traveling on that chunk of change he started out with. Here is some photographic proof of his journey...

Off the Wall...

Actually, if you want to be accurate, in this pic he's ON the This was the first pic he ever sent me. This is actually my favorite photo of him. I love seeing it in color and in black & white. Either way he's just adorable. And if you're wondering, no he doesn't do his hair like that anymore... it's more like the greenage pic on the holidays page. Gotta love him! I know I do!

On the Bridge

After he sent me the one of him on the wall he sent me this loverly pic along with the two following. This is a cropped pic of him that had a lovely view behind him... but you know what's most important to me... MIKE! So of course I cropped it to just be him. Only the best for me. Oh come on... I'm sure if you hassle me enough that I'll put the entire pic in here...

Ooooh Baby!

Originally all I received of this one was this. Then much later he sent me the original picture. Of course he was smart to send me the cropped one because there are two birds in the original. Grrrrr... hands off my man! *lol*


My poor baby... he got in a terrible accident and he broke his leg. Here's him sitting on the rocks looking cute and adorable... all messy and lack of shaving apparent, but other than that he's cute. Oh come on... you know you love it! You want to look just like him. But who wouldn't? That's because he's MY baby! *evil grin*

Beauty & the Bike

Here is my baby with his pretty little bike. I received this pic with the most adorable card. All my girl friends said if I didn't marry this one then I was even more silly than they thought. But enough of that... on with more about the bike... It should be a Harley, but who am I to complain? Well, this is him in OZ before he had his little accident... it appears our little stunt devil tried to park this loverly bike under a parked car in the rain... or so he tells us *grin*. Poor dear now has a metal leg that I get to kiss better! *evil grin*

Hey! Hey! We're the Monkeys!

Well... I'm not quite sure what to say about this one. This is where he and his friends tried to prove just how silly they could be. I think they proved their point don't you? Actually when I saw this one I couldn't stop laughing forever. He's so cute! And he plays so nicely with others. Awww... he's such a thpethal child... You just have to love how much he proves that yes, he is the king of all dorks. And what a title to have!

And Boarding to our Right...

Like I said, my baby is quite the stunt devil. He enjoys jumping thousands of feet to his doom, driving so fast on something that can't support him, and of course, sliding around on a somewhat slick surface on a flimsy board so he can feel like he's flying! What can I say? I don't approve of this lifestyle 100%, but who am I to criticize? As long as he takes every precaution he can to satisfy my needs then he may go on and do whatever he pleases. I just don't want him dying on me. Is that too much to ask?

Nice Tan Baby!

Did I forget to mention that he also likes to go exploring caves? He likes those that you end up having to crawl around and barely fit through certain areas just to get to a big room that smells funny and is all damp and icky. Ooh baby, my idea of a first date... I don't know about you...*lol*... especially since I'm claustrophobic in dark places...

Here was a pic of him in a cave with a group of others, but of course you know me... I just care about him. Actually, since the pic was so small of him I didn't think anyone really cared about the other people so I cut them out. I'm evil like that...*lol*

There is one main reason why he showed me this one... he wanted me to see how dark his tan was while he was traveling. He looks... um... non-Canadian if you ask me.

Just "Smashing" Fun Darling

Well... This has to be one of my faves. I'm not sure if I ever told him that it was. Oh well... he checks up on these pages enough to be able to see changes that he'll find out soon enough! Anyway... for some reason his guitar broke, I'm not sure if he ever told me why or what happened. Anyway, for some reason he thought it would be fun to take that broken guitar and smash it into lots of tiny pieces. I'm envious. I've always wanted to smash a musical instrument just for the heck of it. Oh well... but I do love those breaking noises!

Sticker Mania

I honestly have no idea where this one came from... since he hasn't told me really anything about this one. All I know is that this is not the same guitar he's smashing in another pic. But that's ok.. we still love him, even though he looks silly

Canadian? Since when?

He warned me before he even sent this one that I was going to love it. And he's right! It has pushed all others aside and moved to the #1 spot in my heart for my all-time favourite pic of him. It beat out the Greenage pic, the wall shot, and a pout pic that none of you will ever get to see (darnitol!). All I can say is OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH BABY! I love you, Mike.

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