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(unknown airdate)

During this Saturday Night Live sketch, Eddie Murphy broke character three times as a result of flubbing his lines and reacting to the audience.

THE SCENE: Professor Shabazz K. Morton (Eddie Murphy) is sitting in a big brown chair in what appears to be a study. Behind him are a fern and a bookshelf. Professor Morton is waiting for the audience to cease its laughter. Incidentally, while he pronounces it "Morton," the closed captioning reads "Martin."

I don't see what's so funny. Hello, my name is Professor Shabazz K. Morton. In 1895, at the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama, a black man named George Washington Carver developed a new method of soul, soil improvement through crop rotation. (the audience laughs) So I messed up. Shut up! (the audience laughs again and applauds) Stop clapping before y'all make me smile! To end the South's agricultural dependence on cotton alone. As a result, Carver came up with hundreds of industrial uses for the peanut. Sure industrial uses. Meanwhile, one night, he's having a few friends over to his house for dinner, and one of them leans over and says to Doctor Carver, "Excuse me, George. What's that you puttin' on your bread?" And Carver says, "Oh, that's nothing but a butter substitute that I made from peanuts. I can't digest all that animal fat, you know." So, the other fella tastes it and he says, "Hmm. This pastes pretty, this tastes..." (the audience laughs again) Yeah, keep on smiling. "This tastes pretty good, man. Mind if we take a peek at the recipe?" And Doctor Carver says, "Take a peek? Heh. Man, you can have it. Who's gonna make, eat butter made out of peanuts? No, no, I'm working on the method to compress peanuts into phonograph needles." So, Doctor Carver's two dinner guests, Edward "Skippy" Williamson and Frederick "Jif" Armstrong, two white men, stole George Washington Carver's recipe for peanut butter, copyrighted it, and reaped untold fortunes from it, while Doctor Carver died penniless and insane, still trying to play a phonograph record with a peanut. This has been Black History Minute. I'm Shabazz K. Morton. Good night.