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Bicycle Accessory Review

     This summer we tested a trailer made by B.O.B. known as YAK.



The YAK is a one wheeled trailer that connects to a special skewer on your rear wheel.  The trailer is made of Chromoly with a flat 25" X 16" cargo space.


Comments by David

Comments by Keith


It's cool to say, "I pulled a YAK."  You can tow up to 70 pounds.  Great for carrying drinks and food on day trips. Pulled nicely behind bicycle.  The YAK sack kept cargo stable and away from the elements.  Connected securely to special skewer.  Easy to get on and off of bicycle.


Don't try to pull 70 pounds!  Train yourself to pull the YAK.  You can not go as far or at the same pace you normally would go. Didn't like needing the special skewer (did not fit one of our bicycles).  Takes more energy than you think.

Final Opinion:

Great option on flatter bicycle trails.  A nice alternative to carrying supplies on your back or in saddle bags when you go off-road. I liked the YAK, especially the idea of carrying camping equipment.  I look forward to using it more in the future.


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