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Well it is all over and we did it. The "South County Cyclery, Schwinn, All Sport, Gus' Pretzels" team did it. Keith Zesch, Randy Huth, Tom Cole and John Jost rode from Chesterfield to Grain Valley and back completing BAM as a team. We covered the 590+ miles in a little over 44 hours with an average of about 13.5 mph. We finished 3rd amongst teams and 5th over all. Out of 47 entrants that is not bad for our first time to try this ride.

Much thanks has to go to our Sponsor's. South County Cyclery for helping figure out what we need to take in case we have problems and for the entry fee and jerseys. Schwinn for light sets to keep us safe at night, water bottles and rear lights. Pepsi for all the All Sport we could drink to keep us riding with energy through the heat of the day and cool of the night. Gus' Pretzel for the Pretzels (great carbohydrates) to help feed the team and crew.

Much thanks also goes out to our crew. With out the crew this ride would not have been possible for us. Thanks to Pam Huth and Rob Sonneville for driving long hours going very slow and keeping us safe. Brent Lucas and Diana Doering for keeping the riders and vans on track, and keeping the drivers awake. Anna Kleinsorge for keeping our spirits up and pumping us full of food and drinks. Dave Doering for taking the great pictures and driving back through the fog and finding the team to see how they are doing. And last but not least Nathan Doering for acting like a kid.

Bicycle Across Missouri