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Flying saucers and UFOs have continued to puzzle us in the half-century since the end of WWII. Once regarded as almost exclusively an American phenomenon, UFOs have now been reported from virtually every country in the world. No classification or category of humanity, from the average man or woman in the street, to physicists and astronomers, is immune to the UFO phenomenon. More than ten million American adults alone are estimated to have seen what they believed to be a UFO, a phenomenon that most skeptics routinely dismiss as non-existent by definition. In reality, whatever that reality is, UFOs are the most widely reported unexplained mystery of this or any other century. So are we alone...

The UFO Alliance
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Rumor, speculation and sensationalism surround the UFO subject, it is with the collection, analysis and verification, as far as possible, of sober reports that responsible UFO organizations are most concerned. The phenomenon should be approched scientifically from a variety of angles, perceptual, psychological and sociological, to name a few. If objects from another planet are indeed visiting ours, what form of propulsion system and other technologies are employed? What kinds of biological lifeforms might be onboard? What God or gods will they worship? And how will UFO occupants perceive humans: as mental, emotional and spiritual equals or as inferiors? It can hardly be against human nature, or the scientific method in principle, to ask and to seek answers to those questions. Start asking now!!!
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The Concept of our Power

Illuminati Online

: "What are you thinking about? Are you perplexed? What are you searching for?" Philip said: "For the underlying reality of the universe and the plan." The Savior said to them: "I want you to know that all men are born on earth from the foundation of the world until now, being dust, while they have inquired about God, who he is and what he is like, have not found him. Now the wisest among them have speculated from the ordering of the world and (its) movement. But their speculation has not reached the truth. For it is said that the ordering is directed in three ways, by all the philosophers, (and) hence they do not agree. For some of them say about the world that it is directed by itself. Others, that it is providence (that directs it). Others, that it is fate. But it is none of these. Again, of the three voices I have just mentioned, none is close to the truth, and (they are) from man. But I, who came from Infinite Light, I am here - for I know him (Light) - that I might speak to you about the precise nature of the truth. For whatever is from itself is a polluted life; it is self-made. Providence has no wisdom in it. And fate does not discern. But to you it is given to know; and whoever is worthy of knowledge will receive (it), whoever has not been begotten by the sowing of unclean rubbing but by First Who Was Sent, for he is an immortal in the midst of mortal men."

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