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How to obtain thy Sin Analysis

The Sin Analysis Test is a personality test designed to discover what thy best... (ahem) worst sin is. After completing the test, thou wilt receive a certificate declaring thee a Master of that Sin, signed by our Director of Acquisitions, Mephistopheles and the Netherworld Patron of your Sin.

To enter the realm of the Sin Test, thou must first pass through the guestbook area and sign in. Thou mayest use a false name and location , if thou wishest that no one may know thou hast visited. We would love for thee to be creative. We suggest thou dost not enter thy e-mail address, as spammers, (who are well-known to the owners of the Soul Exchange), often retrieve addresses from public guestbooks. After signing over thy soul in trade, thou must click the "Back to Homepage" link instead of the Back Button.

(Or thou mayest proceed directly to the sin analysis.) If you're too superstitious to sell your soul for it.