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GoFishin Discount Fishing Tackle and Gear

SNIPER Bass Club is now a proud Associate of GoFishin. GoFishin has the best prices on name brand fishing tackle, click on the banner to receive your discount - PLACE YOUR ORDER TODAY!

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Abu Garcia Ambassadeur line of baitcasting reels

A.C. Shiner Handmade balsa and cedar wood lures

All Star Texas-rigged spinnerbait [ Reviews ]

All Star Rods Graphite Rods

Allen Lures Soft plastics (Cutthroat worms, Fat Grubs) and crankbaits (Milo, etc.) [ Reviews ]

Arbogast Classic lures such as the Jitterbug and Hula Popper [ Reviews ]

Aussie Tough Eddy Austrailian crankbaits  [ Reviews ]

Bag-em Bagging & tagging products for tournament anglers

Bandit Lures Crankbaits in 9 models from shallow to deep

Barlow's Tackle Large mail order catalog for fishing lures, tackle & components [ Reviews ]

Bass Assassin Bass Assassin soft stickbait [ Reviews ]

Bass Pro Shops Large mail order catalog for fishing lures & tackle [ Reviews ]

Beckman Fishing Nets Landing nets [ Reviews ]

BeeHead Lures Float-N-Fly jigs and FishHair to tie your own

Benchmark Chemicals  Yum - biological gamefish attractant lure scent [ Reviews ]

Berkley Power Worms, fishing lines (Big Game, Ultra Thin, FireLine) [ Reviews ]

Big Boy's Baits Soft plastics, jigs, jigheads

Blue Fox Vibrax inline spinners, spoons, spinnerbaits  [ Reviews ]

Boogerman Buzzbaits, spinnerbaits, jigs

Bomber Model "A" crankbaits and minnows [ Reviews ]

Bubba Jack's WEC (Zoom) crankbaits, Lohrs, Dave's spinnerbaits/buzzers/jigs, many fine imports

Bud'z Fishin' Way'z Bobby Garland's original Gitzit

Bullet Weights Inc Ultra steel worm weights, Bullet Lock, Ultra Jig Rig [ Reviews ]

Bumper Stumper Lures Currently not available

Cabela's Large mail order catalog for fishing lures & tackle [ Reviews ]

Cameron Rods Hand made fishing rods [ Reviews ]

Canyon Plastics Home of the original Gitzit tube, tube jig heads, giant Tora tubes & Mini-jigs

Castaic Soft Bait Company The Sunfish and Shads, hard head/soft body lures [ Reviews ]

CastAway Graphite Rods Baitcasting and spinning rods for bass fishing [ Reviews ]

Charlie Brewer's Slider Company Slider Worms, Original Snagless Slider Head [ Reviews ]

Competitive Edge Fishing Vyper buzzbaits, jigs, Little Big Men spinnerbaits

Cotton Cordell Red Fin, Super Spot, Pencil Poppers [ Reviews ]

Creme Lure Company Soft plastic lures

Culprit Full line of soft plastic fishing lures [ Reviews ]

Custom Tackle Supply One of the largest suppliers of rod building components and rod blanks

Danny Joe's Viva topwaters, minnows & crankbaits from Japan [ Reviews ]

Daiwa Rods, reels, crankbaits & topwater lures [ Reviews ]

D&D Manufactures over 85 different styles of jigheads

DezynerBaits Iovino hand pours & jig trailers, Tournament lures Weapon Jigs [ Reviews ]

Eiland Lures Slith'r Tail worms, spinnerbaits, bass jigs [ Reviews ]

Excalibur Spook, Pop'r, Fat Free Shad, Spit'n Image, spinnerbaits/buzzbaits, trebles [ Reviews ]

Falcon Rods Graphite Rods

Fangard Specialty Tackle MegaBass, Lucky Craft, ProLine, Shimano reels

Fenwick Fishing rods

Fin-Nor Spinning reels & rods

Fish Head Lures Fine hand-crafted topwater lures [ Reviews ]

Fuji Tackle More than 20,000 rod parts and rod building components [ Reviews ]

Gapen's Ugly Bug, Crawfish & Hellgramite jigs for smallies

G. Loomis Baitcasting and spinning rods and rod blanks [ Reviews ]

Gamakatsu Hooks, jig heads

Gambler-BANG Soft plastic lures, Florida Rig weights, BANG scent attractant [ Reviews ]

Gene Larew Full line of soft plastic lures [ Reviews ]

Gilmore Lures Wooden propbaits [ Reviews ]

Gopher Tackle Mushroom head, wedge, stand-up and other jig heads

Guntersville Breathables Frogg Toggs rain wear

H & H Plastic Rattles Jig rattles, tube rattles, bullet rattles, rattling spinnerbaits [ Reviews ]

Hart Tackle Spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, jigs

Hawg Hustler Spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, rattling jigs, tailspinners, jigging spoons

Heddon Classic lures such as the Zara Spook, Tiny Torpedo, Moss Boss [ Reviews ]

Helly Hansen More than rain gear, it's foul weather gear from Norway

High Roller High Roller walking stick bait, WormHead bullet corks [ Reviews ]

Hildebrandt Spinners, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits [ Reviews ]

Hooked on Plastics Buddha, Yodo, Magic handpours, Super Pork frogs [ Reviews ]

Horizon Lures Spinnerbaits, silicone skirts [ Reviews ]

Hydro Lures Spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, bass jigs [ Reviews ]

IKE-CON Pre-rigged, hand-poured swimming worms

Iovino Products Finesse fishing specialty items, hand pours, brass/glass, splitshot [ Reviews ]

Jack's Lures Design your own marabou jigs  [ Reviews ]

Johnson Silver Minnow spoons

Kalin Lures Full line of quality soft plastics

Kamakazee Bait Co. Tube baits & spider grubs

Kodiak Fishing Scents Powder, pastes, soaks & tube jig injector

Lake Fork Trophy Bait & Tackle Soft plastics, Pig Claw, Mega Weights

Lamiglas Over 100 models of bass rods, plus saltwater & surf fishing rods, rod blanks [ Reviews ]

Leatherman Tools Compact multi-purpose fishing pliers [ Reviews ]

Lews Rods and Reels

Lively Lures Mad Mullet crankbaits from Austrailia [ Reviews ]

Lucky Craft Sammy walking stick bait, Super 8 popper, oval split rings [ Reviews ]

Luhr Jensen Crankbaits [ Reviews ]

Lunker City Slug-Go soft stickbait, Fin-S Fish [ Reviews ]

Lunker Lures Spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, bass jigs [ Reviews ]

LureCraft Industries Hand pour molds/materials, jig molds, components

LuresOnline.Net Over 40 colors and 9 sizes of hand-poured Basstrix swimbaits [ Reviews ]

M & N Tackle Custom ultralite weedless bass jigs with big hooks

Mann's Bait Company Poppers, crankbaits, soft plastics, spinnerbaits

Master Mewgs Tackle Bad Dawg buzz spoon, buzzbaits, spinnerbaits [ Reviews ]

McCoy Mean Green fishing line

Mepps World's #1 in-line spinners [ Reviews ]

Minnowbuzz Buzzbaits [ Reviews ]

MirroLure Hard plastic crankbaits & topwater lures [ Reviews ]

Mister Twister Soft plastic lures [ Reviews ]

Mr. Goop Water repellant gel type fish formula (garlic or anise) [ Reviews ]

Mustad Hooks and great pages on Hook Anatomy and Hook History

Netters Hand-poured soft plastics with specialized cores for durability

Newport Lures Striped bass bucktail jigs, plastic shad jigs [ Reviews ]

Nichols Lures Spinnerbaits, bass jigs, soft plastic lures [ Reviews ]

Nils-Master Crankbaits and spoon lures from Finland [ Reviews ]

Norman Lures Crankbaits (site still under construction)

Normark Rapala, Storm, and Blue Fox lures  [ Reviews ]

Northland Jungle jig, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, silicone skirts [ Reviews ]

Ohio Pro Lure Spinnerbaits, buzzbaits,   jigs

Oldham Lures Spinnerbaits, jigs, jigheads with wireguards and screwlocks

Orvis Fly fishing and outdoor apparel [ Reviews ]

P-Line  Copolymer fishing line

Panther Martin Spinners [ Reviews ]

Pico Outdoors Hand-crafted Pico Perch crankbait and Pico Pop lures [ Reviews ]

Plano Molding Tackle boxes & bags

Pope’s Products Grandaddy genuine bucktail jigs, jig heads for grubs, tubes, flipping

Pradco Arbogast, Bomber, Cordell, Creek Chub, Excalibur, Heddon, Rebel, Smithwick [ Reviews ]

Prowler Pro Pitch Lures Soft plastic chunks, worms, other styles

Quantum High performance Rods and Reels

Rapala Floating Rapala minnow, Husky Jerk minnow [ Reviews ]

Real Pro's SportFishing Tackle components catalog & lure making guide from Canada

Rebel Plastic lip minnows, Crawfish, Pop-R, Windcheater [ Reviews ]

Rippler Rattling bass jigs, buzzbaits, plays country tunes [ Reviews ]

Roboworm Custom poured finesse & zipper baits by Greg Stump, inventor of zipper baits

Rodstrainer Monster King spinnerbaits [ Reviews ]

Salmo See dozens of crankbait models made in Poland

Scientific Bass Products Kick'n Bass garlic scent attractant [ Reviews ]

Shimano Some of the world's finest baitcasting reels and spinning reels [ Reviews ]

Shoff Tackle Rod building, rod blanks, Shimano reels, fly fishing

Silver Buddy Vibrating blade bait lures [ Reviews ]

Smithwick Rogue jerkbait & Devil Horse propbait  [ Reviews ]

Snag Proof Hollow body frog & rat lures [ Reviews ]

SnakeBite Custom Fishing Tackle Hand Pours and rigging accessories

SpiderWire Fishing line [ Reviews ]

S.O.B. Fishing Products Gamblers spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, bass jigs [ Reviews ]

St. Croix Fishing rods & rod blanks [ Reviews ]

Stamina Quality Components Supply catalog for making your own lures

Stanford Lures Cedar wood crankbaits

Stanley Jigs Bass jigs, spinnerbaits [ Reviews ]

Storm Lures Chug Bug, ThunderStick, Lightnin' Shad, Wiggle Wart & more [ Reviews ]

Stump Jumper Crankbaits from Austrailia [ Reviews ]

TackleMania Kind of like Home Shopping Network for fishing tackle, isn't it? [ Reviews ]

Terminator Lures Titanium spinnerbaits, buzzbaits [ Reviews ]

Thunder Bullets Rattling brass buzzbaits, spinnerbaits, bass jigs, bullet weights [ Reviews ]

Top Brass Tackle Brass worm weights, glass, Carolina rigging specialities [ Reviews ]

Top-Notch Buzzbaits, spinnerbaits, flipping jigs, Sisson crankbaits [ Reviews ]

UMA-X Trading Co. The finest in Japanese topwaters, cranks, jerks, rods, reels

Uncle Josh Bait Company Pork frogs, split tail eels, pork strips

Venom Manufacturing Super Do's, Skip Shads, tubes, grubs, chunks, soft plastics

Viking Fishing Crankbaits and spinners from Sweden [ Reviews ]

VMC Hooks Fine fishing hooks [ Reviews ]

Water Gremlin Split shot, egg, needlenose, rubbercore weights

Weigh-In, Inc Equalizer scales for tournament weigh-ins

Western Hand Pours Full line of soft plastic lures [ Reviews ]

Yakima Bait Company Poe's crankbaits [ Reviews ]

Yamamoto Custom Baits Skirted twintail grubs, single tail grubs, buzzbaits, spinnerbaits [ Reviews ]

Yo-Zuri Minnow plugs, crankbaits, topwater lures [ Reviews ]


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