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Camp Irondale

This page is dedicated to the old Boy Scout camp in Irondale, Missouri. I would like announce that I will be writing a book that looks at the past and present of Camp Irondale. I have been collecting items from the camp and compiled numerous pages of information about the old camp. Known as Irondale Boy Scout Reservation the camp first opened in 1920 when the land was donated by Clarence Howard. It flourished for many years until St. Louis Area Council moved it's summer camp activities to S-F Scout Ranch in 1965. Camp Irondale was one of the first permanent camps in the US. Camp Irondale was only around 156 acres. In comparison, S-F is more than 4,200 acres with a lake that is estimated to be more than 270 acres. Larger than camp Irondale. A separate patch page can also be seen with a link at the bottom of the page. Check back in a couple months to see all the patches if anything new has popped up. This is also going to be used as an index for irondale patches. There is a great Facebook page with more pics available and lots of stories. Search Fans of Camp Irondale on Facebook.

Along with the Irondale patch page link, there is a Irondale Neckerchief page and a Irondale postcard page. This is a sample of the pictures of some of the postcards and neckerchiefs that I've collected. See the link at the bottom of the page.

Summer camp patch and each of it's segments.

In 1938, Irondale hosted one of the early NOAC's (National Order of the Arrow Conference). Held from September 3-5, 1938

Around 1,200 scouts attended the camp each year summer while it was opened and arrived their train. The Missouri Pacific railway gave them round trip fares for $3.55. A passable road was not established when the camp was opened that connected the camp to St. Louis. The old train station is still standing (barely) near the tracks on the southern side of Irondale. The 2 story red brick building hasn't been used for decades.

This is one of the old service jeeps that the camp staff members used. The camp had a decent amount of jeeps at the camp, which can be seen in other pictures that are in circulation.

This is the old water tower that overlooks the first lake and is still standing.

Here is the old Scoutmaster's Quarters. It recently sold in December of 2006 for a suprisingly low amount of 28,000. It is two stories with an open area in the center of the home that is seen in the picture above. A large fireplace and hardwood floors make it the perfect lodge a scoutmaster. Built in 1921, this is one of few buildings left standing after the camp was sold.

Climbing tower that is still standing today and was used in the up until the 1960's and possibly later.

This is what the tower looks like today. It is still standing and seems to be somewhat stable. It now stands in a person's back yard and overlooks the old parade field, which still has the old flagpole still standing.

This is the official booklet from the 1938 OA National Conference. he book includes the activities, a map, and other national info.

This is one the sundials that was at the camp. It's now located at S-F Scout Ranch at Camp Gamble.

this is a group picture of the 1960 staff at Irondale

This unknown newspaper article below speaks for itself. It tells a lot of information about the camp and a must read for anyone who is interested in Irondale.

camping in the Adarandaks at Irondale

A Group picture on one of the many bridges at Irondale

Trail map for camp Irondale and patch

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