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Ally Farson. The Truth.

First we had the Blair witch project, that story started off in 1994 when 3 amateur film students disappeared in the forests of Maryland. This film was promoted as the truth, first on a website then through TV ads. The film was a huge success even though being a fake. If you had invested a single dollar in this success you would have had over a $300,000 return.

We all predicted these “types” of film to be realised. Welcome to the first. I introduce you to Ally Farson. The Ally Farson story goes like this…

In early June of 1999, a series of seven homicides occurred culminating in the August indictment of a Californian woman, Ally Farson, the first female serial killer in the State's history.

On August 24, 1999 ShadowMan Films, a small film company based in West Hollywood, California received an unsolicited package containing film footage graphically documenting the cold-blooded murder of a string of innocent people living in the Monarch Beach area of Southern California. A copy of this film footage was provided to the police and an investigation is currently underway.

The killer (Ally Farson – an amateur film student, where have we heard this before?) is an expert in disguise and has blatantly displayed her face in the raw footage. Ally Farson is still at large in spite of a nation-wide manhunt.

The website looks very impressive. Although, a number of mistakes have been made in the efforts of ShadowMan films to make this a true story.

1) There are 2 websites, an Ally Farson one and also a ShadowMan site. On the ShadowMan site it states that Ally Farson is currently on the FBI's ten most wanted list, BAM! First mistake, there are no women on the FBI’s ten most wanted list. (At the end of December 1999 anyway). I just figured that she might have been pushed off the top ten, so I had a look through their files. They know nothing about her.

2) On the Ally website, in the FAQ’s list it says, “Ally Farson does suffer from Acute Personality Disorder” Just saying "Acute Personality Disorder" is lumping all personality disorders together, and not possible. It would mean she has borderline personality disorder, anti-social personality disorder, schizoid personality disorder, etc. This was put forward on the Ally website message board. The person who mentioned it got a lot of abuse from the message board moderators. She was then, in an attempt to add some “realism” to it, accused of being Ally Farson!

3) Something strange, not necessarily pointing to the film is a fake, is that a lot of the moderators are in fact the same person logging in under different names. This was used in abusing the woman mentioned earlier. Who ever it was, kinda gave themselves away by signing their other names to a different name they were signing under. For example, "Molly" posted, and signed it "Sergei".

4) Another mistake is that it states on the Ally Farson site that the first victim was male and has not been identified so only given the name of John Doe. However if you look on the bulletin board on the Ally Farson site, someone has posted a message about them hearing that the first victim was a young girl and semen was found in her. Detective Ray Delima has answered this message, stating that this does not rule Ally out and he is looking into it. Surely if he is running the investigation he would know the first victim was male.

5) I also read the 911 call that is on the Ally Farson site about a victim’s body being found and did some research. In the Orange County News Archives there is no record of a woman’s body (supposedly Sabrina Dietrich) being found in Monarch Bluffs. If a body had been found surely this would have been reported.


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