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Read what our customers have to say about the quality,
workmanship, design and satisfaction of our cases.


"OH MY GOD FEDEX JUST ARRIVED!!!!!!! I AM SIMPLY BLOWN AWAY AND OVER THE MOON!!!!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW BEAUTIFUL THE WHISTLE BAG IS AND I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MY WHISTLES IN IT!!! IT IS A PIECE OF ART! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!" "The whistle roll was opened up to rave reviews all around Ireland! Mary Bergen went gaga over it!
... Thanks a million!"

- Joanie Madden

"After years and years and years and years of searching, Annie - at Sassafrass Grove - was the final answer to all my whistle protecting and transporting questions. Her products are clever, beautiful, and well-made."
-Byll Stine

"If you're looking for a really nice soft case, I'd think about Sassafrass Grove. Those cases look great! You can also get custom made cases, too."

"Remember that gorgeous roll bag our very own Annie made for Joannie was really beautiful, but, well, pretty and girly...I asked Annie to make me a manly man case out of leather minimally based on a black nylon roll case with chamois lined interior for chisels from the Duluth Trading Company (tools) catalogue.

I received the bag yesterday and can't believe the amount of thought and effort that went into this unbelievably gorgeous (yet manly) bag. The green leather is just the right color, very supple and expertly sewn with finished edges all about. The carry attachments are better than I've ever seen in luggage shops - both for hand and shoulder carry, each amply padded. The outside is adorned with a beautiful large Celtic knot in black and gold. The inside has twelve slots to house low G through high E whistles, with a pull down cover, all padded in cotton and faced with chamois rimmed with a cotton border. Whistles very securely held and protected for travel.

Now, I think my bag is better than Joannie's, but my wife noted that she might play a tad better than me. So I've asked Annie to make me a magic roll, one that will embue the stored whistles with enough magic to compensate for that veryslight difference between Joannie's playing and mine.

Okay, so you say why is such a manly man agog over a chamois lined roll bag...leave me's beautiful, that's all.... " "It is definitely Annie at sassafras. She makes the most wonderful rolls of all materials, including the finest of rolls I've ever seen, for me in hard-to-work-with leather." ... "It was really a pleasure dealing with someone like Annie who doesn't slack off on any detail and who follows through as promised and then some - she took that bag design out of my head and improved on it..."


"When I saw PhilO's green leather Sassafrass Whistle Roll , made by C&F's own anniemcu, I decided to ask Annie if she had enough of the leather left over to make a SassySackSingle whistle pouch. ... The workmanship on this little beauty is absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend Annie's whistle sacks (available from Sassafrass Grove Studio). My Greenwood whistle now has a nice new home."

"Thank you so much for the whistle roll that you made for me! I was so excited when I opened it Sunday morning! I had been stuck using a heavy cardboard tube for my whistles before, and was thrilled when I received this beautiful roll. I absolutely love the shade of red that you used! Thank you so much!"
- Amy

I have to tell you that it had the most wonderful feeling about it. It was warm and friendly and the beads sparkled in the light in the post office at work . . . and I was so caught up in it that I completely forgot myself and played a couple of tunes right there in the post office on a C Black Diamond that had arrived at the same time . . . and the postal-persons looked delighted . . . and the tunes went off without a hitch . . . and then . . . and then . . . and then I realized that I had just played in front of people and had not been paralyzed with fear . . . oooooh!

So, thank you for a fantastic, stage-fright-curing whistle case . . . you are wonderful, Annie!

Edited to say that I showed the SassyShepherd off all afternoon with rave reviews all around. Everyone was impressed with the quality and practical functionality. It's just so well-thought-out. As I mentioned above, it's well-padded. All the stitching is neat and reinforced. The turn-down beneath the flap is functional in that it adds strength to the top of the whistle pockets--it won't get dragged down into the channels no matter what! It's all stitched . . . no glue! . . . and the colors go together so well.
Sigh! It's lovely. I'm thrilled!"

- Lambchop

NOTE: Although each and every Sassafrass Whistle Roll(TM) and
SassySack(TM) case is automatically imbued with our exclusive

"Annie's Amazing Magical Musical Mojo"(patently pretense),
we cannot guarrantee your results will be as remarkable. LOL!
But we do guarantee that you will be happy with your case!
- annie

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