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Hand-made padded instrument bags for all your favorite flutes and whistles. Protective yet beautiful.
Whether you want a solidly handsome, or a decoratively beautiful design,
pull your wayward whistles together into one of these handy storage/carry cases. They will thank you for it!

Here is a sampling of Sassafrass Grove's cases to give you an idea of what we do :
NOTE:These photos are of rolls that now have happy owners, and are not actively for sale.
As people want different things, most of our rolls are made on a per-order basis.
We have different materials available at different times. If you see one here that
particularly tickles your fancy, we will try to match it with materials on hand, or
will gladly take a custom order.
Also, I have recently purchased a machine more capable of dealing with leather.
In the interest of my sanity and the fragile ears of those around me,
I will be practicing with it before taking future orders for leather cases. 8^)

Sassafrass Grove Whistle Roll Photo-Montage A
Sassafrass Grove Whistle Roll Photo-Montage B
SassySackSingle ClosedSassySackSingle Open
SassySackSingle Detail - Leather with Hand tied Celtic Knot, Tapestry, Tapestry with Hand tied Celtic KnotSassySackShepherd Detail



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