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Hand-made padded instrument bags for all your favorite flutes and whistles,
bodhran or other instruments. Protective yet beautiful.


This standard, bag-style bodhran case features
full side to side, double pull zipper across top, for ease of access,
'D-rings' for shoulder strap, fully enclosed double stitched seams,
and is customizable with a variety of pocket, handle, detail, and
padding options to suit the specific needs of the customer.

Carpet Bag fabric Bodhran bag with standard double strap handle and full width, exterior, open-top, divided pocket

Size: Fit specifically to your instrument.
- - -
Padding Options: - choices from light to heavy, soft to stiff,
padded one side only, or both front and back, etc.
(Closed cell foam option is recommended for the head side of the case,
It creates a fairly stiff, smooth support with good protection.)

- - -
Pocket Options: Outside or inside, padded or not,
zippered, hook'n'loop, magnetic closure or open.
This bag can made in combination with whistle slots.
(pockets not recommended on the head side of the case,
unless rigid panel option is also ordered, to reduce uneven stress on the head.)

- - -
Handle Options: plain strap,
padded wrap strap (See detail of 'Red-Brown Cordura' case below),
and/or removable shoulder strap.

A variety of nice upholstery weight fabrics, padding and decorative accents, are used
to make practical, protective cases that not only house your instruments,
but also reflect your personality.
- - -
Each bag is individually hand-crafted by me, and slight variations in style and design
are frequent, as experience, customer requirements, and inspiration move me.


Double Strap Handle, 2 'D-rings'(for shoulder strap or other use),
and light padding are standard. (See "Carpet Bag" case below.)
STANDARD - Our choice of color and fabric design $110
(you can request a color, and we will try to match, or you can order a custom color option.)
Shipping, Handling, Insurance and Delivery Confirmation adds $17
Since bodhrans vary widely in dimensions,
people tend to want different colors or attributes,
and I have different materials available at different times,
most of my cases are made on a per-order basis,
even when they are not custom orders.
I take great care to meet your requirements,
and I put a lot of time, effort and heart into the cases I make.
They aren't cheap, but then... they aren't cheaply made.

If you see a case here or in the gallery that particularly tickles your fancy,
I will try to match it with materials on hand, or will gladly take a custom order.
Options are available at extra charge.
Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.


Custom fabrics or colors - add $20,
plus actual cost of material
Closed cell padding - add $15 per side
creates a fairly stiff, smooth support with good protection.
Rigid impact resistant panel insert on head side of case - add $50
adds much greater impact protection to the most vulnerable part of the instrument.
Extra Pockets (plain)- add $10 for the first, and $5 for each additional one.
(Custom pockets may run higher, depending on requirements.)
Padded Handle Wrap - add $10
Removable Shoulder Strap - add $15
Decorative Knotwork - add $25
NOTE: This case can be fitted with Whistle slots if desired.
E-mail with details for quote.

Click on any photo to view a larger version.
Red-Brown Cordura with full width zippered exterior pocket - front Red-Brown Cordura - side view Red-Brown Cordura - back Red-Brown Cordura - Open, showing optional custom pockets for harmonicas and center slot for tuning wrench
Red-Brown Cordura - handle detail, showing padded wrap

Carpet Bag fabric bag with standard double strap handle and full width, exterior, open-top, divided pocket Carpet Bag fabric Bodhran bag - open Carpet Bag fabric Bodhran bag - side view
Carpet Bag fabric Bodhran bag - double strap handle

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