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The Story

Okay, here is the story for all you people who don't know it. Wait a minute, if you don't know the story, you're not a moonie, and if you're not a moonie, then GET OUT!! I'm just kidding. For all you non-moonies out there, this is the perfect time to learn about the beautiful story of the Moon Kingdom, and the awesome power of love.

One thousand years before now, there was a period of time called the Silver Millenium. It was a time of peace between all planets, filled with joy and celebration. There was a kingdom on the moon, called the Moon Kingdom, and it was ruled by the lovely Queen Serenity.

Queen Serenity had one daughter, the young and gentle Princess Serena. Princess Serena spent most of her time gazing at Earth from the Moon Palace. She loved the trees and oceans, things that the moon didn't have. She also fell in love with a man there. He was Prince Darien, the crown prince of Earth.

One day, the evil force Metallia possessed a human on Earth named Beryl. Using the evil Negaforce, she soon took over the planet Earth. With the possessed humans as her soldiers, and with her Negaforce warriors, Jedite, Nephlite, Malachite, and Zoicite, Queen Beryl planned her attack on the Moon so she could rule both Earth and Moon.

Prince Darien fled to the Moon to warn Princess Serena. It seemed to everyone in the Moon Kingdom that Earth was now their enemy and no humans could be trusted. Prince Darien told Princess Serena that their love was forbidden, but that he would do his best to protect that Moon, even though he would be fighting his own planet. They shared one last kiss before he went to battle.

Beryl and Metallia attacked and everything on the Moon was destroyed. The Sailor Senshi and the Moon's army tried to defend the Moon but they all died without success. Finally, Beryl cast her eyes on Princess Serena and attacked. Prince Darien shielded her. Queen Beryl asked him to become her King.

When he refused, Metallia attacked the Prince, sweeping him into a tornado. Princess Serena screamed and jumped into the tornado with him. Just as they grasped hands, Metallia blasted them with an energy beam and they died.

Queen Serenity watched as their bodies drifted upward from the tornado. As she cried, she murmured,"I won't let it end like this."and mounted the Silver Imperium Crystal on her Crescent Moon Wand, ready to be used. Luna and Artemis, her faithful advisors, reminded her that if she used the crystal, she would surely die. But her mind was made up. She would sacrifice her life so that her daughter and the rest of her people could live.

Using the power of the crystal, she sealed away Queen Beryl and the Negaverse. She also sent the prince, princess, the Sailor Senshi, and the people of the Moon Kingdom one thousand years into the furure to be reborn on Earth. As she lay dying, ahe told Luna and Artemis that Princess Serena and all the others will have no memory of this time and that there was the possibility that the Negaverse could be free again. If that were to happen, Luna and Artemis must seek out the Princess and Senshi to awaken them.

With her last breath, she whispered to her people,"On behalf of the moon, you will be free. Maybe we'll meet again, someday."and she died. The Crescent Moon Wand fell from her hands and whisked Luna and Artemis to the future with the others.

Present Tokyo

All the Senshi, Princess Serena, and Prince Darien were reborn on Earth in Tokyo without any memories of their past on the moon. As Queen Serenity had warned, Metallia and Queen Beryl somehow freed themselves from the seal and were now wreaking havoc upon Tokyo, where all the soldiers had been reborn. Queen Beryl commanded her warriors to search for the Silver Imperium Crystal, which would give her unmeasurable strength. Luna, seperated from Artemis, began searching for the Sailor Senshi and the Moon Princess. Luna first found Serena, who became Sailor Moon and leader of the Senshi. Luna told her that the mission of the Sailor Senshi was to find the Silver Imperium Crystal. After it was found, the Moon Princess would be revealed and the Sailor Senshi would have to protect her so that she can defeat the Negaverse. Pretty quickly, Luna also found Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus. Together the Sailor Senshi fought the Negaverse generals.

All the while, Darien as Tuxedo Mask fought along side Sailor Moon and assisted the Senshi in their battles. At first, Darien didn't know that he was Tuxedo Mask, but he figured it out after awhile. As a child, he lost his parents and his memory in a car accident, and had no idea who he really was. The only clue he had was a dream in which a princess called out to him to find the Silver Imperium Crystal. So, as Tuxedo Mask he went in search of it, hoping that it would give some clue as to who he really was. Soon, Sailor Moon fell in love with Tuxedo Mask because he always saved her in time of peril. She had no idea that he was Darien, a guy that always teased her and whom she hated.

Soon it was discovered that the Seven Rainbow Crystals would be needed to from the Silver Imperium Crystal. By the time all seven were found, Tuxedo Mask had half and Zoicite, one of Queen Beryl's generals, had the other half. The Sailor Scouts started to suspect that Tuxedo Mask was an enemy because he wouldn't cooperate in giving over the crystals to them. But Tuxedo Mask gave Sailor Moon the Star Locket, a beautiful little music box.

Zoicite proposed a dual with Tuxedo Mask, the winner taking all seven of the crystals. During this match, Serena and Darien revealed their true identities by transforming in front of each other. Zoicite fatally wounded Darien and Serena cried over him. The Seven Rainbow Crystals merged with one of Serena's tears and formed the Silver Imperium Crystal. Serena then transformed into the Moon Princess. The wounded Darien was then stolen by Queen Beryl who healed him but infected him with evil Negaverse energy.

He began fighting against Sailor Moon as Prince Darien and it was extremely painful and emotional for Sailor Moon to fight him. She continued to believe that they would be able to bring his true form back. Princess Serena used the Crescent Moon Wand to defeat Queen Beryl and healed Darien by reminding him of their love with the Star Locket. are my first only love. Even if we're reborn in another life, we'll find each other again...and then...fall in love again. Endymion...we'll transcend live again. Perhaps this time...we'll find happiness...Endymion.This is what Serena said just before she died and after she stabbed herself.(in the manga)

After another battle with another villan, Serena and Darien were finally reunited and very much in love. One day, while they were in the park kissing, Rini fell from the sky and demanded that Serena hand over the Silver Imperium Crystal. She came to the past to save her mother in the 30th century. A lot of similarities could be found between Serena and Rini. Darien began to have nightmares about Serena dying because he was close to her. He interpreted the dreams to mean that he should never be near Serena or she would die. So he refused to see her for a long time and Serena was very upset. But finally, after much crying on both their parts, Darien could not hold back his love for Serena any longer and they made up.

Finally, Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, and the rest of the Senshi traveled to the future to save Rini's mother. In Crystal Tokyo, they met King Endymion, Darien's future self. He told them that Serena would become Neo-Queen Serenity and that Rini was Serena and Darien's daughter. He also had given Darien the nightmares to test the two's love for each other. Crystal Tokyo had come under attack by the Negamoon. Neo-Queen Serenity was in a deep sleep and King Endymion was too injured to defend his kingdom. With the help of the Sailor Senshi, the Negamoon was defeated and Neo-Queen Serenuty was saved. Rini, then, returned to her home in Crystal Tokyo with a bit of sadness. "Good-bye, Mommy!" Rini cried to Serena as she transported to the future.

After Rini's departure, Serena and Darien continued their loving relationship and fought alongside each other. No matter how life threatening or what sacrifices needed to be made, they never stopped believing in their love.

Rini once again traveled back in time to present day Tokyo. This time Neo-Queen Serenity wanted her to train to become a Sailor Senshi. She was called "Sailor Chibi Moon". Rini and Serena bickered like sisters, much like when Rini first came, but whenever Rini was in danger, Serena was always willing to sacrifice herself for Rini.

Another villan came, seeking revenge on the people of the White Moon Kingdom. Queen Neherenia, queen of the Black Moon, captured Darien and possessed him. If Sailor Moon did not reach him in time, his mind would ve filled with dark energy and he would never be returened to normal. Rini began to fade because her future existence hung in a balance. It was up to Serena to save them both. She was forced to walk through an arctic blizzard in her school uniform without shoes and overcome an illusion of pure bliss. She also had to walk through a bridge of thorns to come to a place where she was repeatedly blasted. Hardest of all, she loved Queen Neherenia enough to see that the evil Queen was a lost and lonely soul and felt sorry for her. Her love for Darien, Rini, and even those who harmed her broke Darien's spell and healed the evil Queen. Once the Queen was defeated, Rini went back to Crystal Tokyo.

Just as Serena entered high school, Darien was accepted to a prestigious university in the United States and was leaving Tokyo for three years to study there. Both of them were a bit sad but excited that Darien had such a good oppurtunity. At the airport, Darien gave her a promise ring, promising that he would be faithful to her and he wouldn't forget her. Serena also promised that she would be faithful to him.

At the same time, the Three Lights, a popular singing group, arrived in Tokyo. They were Serena's age, attended her school, and became the Sailor Starlights. One of them, Seiya, came to have a crush on Serena. Seiya's affection for Serena tested Serena's love for Darien. Seiya was more popular and famous, more powerful, and reminded her a lot of Darien. He even called her "Meatball Head". Since Darien was away, it was often Seiya who rescued her or sacrificed himself on her behalf. Serena's friends would tease her that they were going out but she always denied it. And though Serena wrote to Darien every day he had been away, she never recieved a single letter from him. It often looked dim for the two of them but she never gave up hope.

Later, it was discovered that Darien never made it to rhe United States. He was attacked by Galaxia, the legendary Golden Senshi and newest enemy, on the airplane and was defeated. In the last battle, Galaxia killed all the Senshi, except for the Sailor Starlights and Sailor Moon. Though her friends and her beloved were dead, she found hope and love and never gave up. She tapped into the good part of Sailor Galaxia and freed her from the evil that possessed her. All the Senshi and Tuxedo Mask were brought back to life.

The Sailor Starlights, along with their princess, Princess Fireball, were now returning to the people of their planet. Seiya was very sad about leaving Serena and said, "I'll never forget you." She said, "Yes, we're friends forever." Serena never understood Seiya's true feelings for her. Seiya asked Darien to protect her from now on and then, Princess Fireball and the Starlights left.

Serena and Darien shared another kiss. They were together once again and nothing else could come between their love.

Crystal Tokyo

Many years after the final battle with Galaxia, when Serena was only twenty-two years old, a geological disaster devastated the Earth and caused it to completely freeze over. The people of Earth fell into a deep sleep and slept for one thousand years.

When the 30th Century came, the power of the Silver Imperium Crystal awoke Serena. She used the crystal's powers to unfreeze Earth and its people. The city of Tokyo became Crystal Tokyo and Serena in turn became their queen, Neo-Queen Serenity.

Not long after, Serena and Darien finally were married with all their friends attending the wedding. Darien became King Endymion of Crystal Tokyo. Together, with the Sailor Senshi as the city's protectors, they ruled in peace. Soon, King Endymion and Neo-Queen Serenity bore a child, whom they named Rini, but her official title as a princess was Small Lady.

One day, Rini entered the chamber where the Queen kept the Silver Imperium Crystal. She admired it and thought that if she were the keeper of it, she would be as beautiful and popular as her mother. But when she touched it, it began to glow and all of a sudden disappeared.

At the same moment, the evil and exiled people of the Dark Moon attacked Crystal Tokyo. The Sailor Senshi attempted to fight them off, but they were very strong. Neo-Queen Serenity panicked and went outside where the fighting was taking place to look for Rini. As soon as she stepped out of the palace, the Dark Moon people attacked her. The Sailor Senshi, in order to protect her, encased her in a cocoon of quartz and she fell into a state of dormacy.

She was taken into the palace and the Senshi found Rini in the palace. The King and the Senshi continued to fight but they were in need of the Silver Imperium Crystal and its power. The crystal was no where to be found and Rini was afraid to tell them what had happened.

The Sailor Senshi were defeated by the Dark Moon and the King was badly injured. With the help of Sailor Pluto, as Luna-P, Rini traveled to the past to seek help from the Sailor Moon of the bedtime stories her father told her. When Rini realized that Sailor Moon had a Silver Crystal also, she hoped that since the Silver Imperium Crystal of the 30th Century was lost, perhaps Sailor Moon's crystal would work.

Rini returned to Crystal Tokyo with the Sailor Senshi, Tuxedo Mask, and Sailor Moon of Tokyo. They won a significant battle against the Dark Moon but, during it, Rini was tricked into joining the Dark Moon people. Her growth was accelerated into a young adult and her powers were strong, fueled by the Dark Moon Crystal. The Senshi returned to the past, where the final battle against the Dark Moon was to be fought.

The Sailor Senshi, knowing that Wicked Lady was their beloved Rini, did not fight her as hard and Wicked Lady could easily defeat them.She tried to kill Tuxedo Mask first, but Sailor Moon tried using the power of the Sailver Imperium Crystal to stop her. The Dark Moon's powers of Wicked Lady were too strong and the crystal had only a little effect, but the use of the Silver Crystal was enough to give Neo-Queen Serenity the power to channel herself through Serena.

Sailor Moon all of a sudden became Neo-Queen Serenity and reminded Wicked Lady of the good childhood she had. Wicked Lady realized the lies that the Dark Moon had fed her, breaking the spell they cast, and she turned back to Rini.

Sailor Moon became Neo-Queen Serenity again and fought the Wiseman of the Dark Moon, but his powers were too strong. It began to appear that she was going to lose. Small Lady was very sad, saying that this was all her fault that this was happening. She began to cry and the first tear that she cried turned into the Silver Imperium Crystal. She realized then that when she had touched it, it had gone onto her body. She turned into Small Lady and, with Tuxedo Mask's permission, she joined her mother. Using both the Silver Imperium Crystal of Tokyo and of Crystal Tokyo, they defeated Wiseman and the Dark Moon Crystal was destroyed. Neo-Queen Serenity and Small Lady transformed back into Sailor Moon and Rini. As soon as the Dark Moon Crystal shattered, the quartz encasing Neo-Queen Serenity also shattered and she awoke from her sleep.

Rini returned to Crystal Tokyo, where she was greeted by Mom, Dad, and the Senshi. Crystal Tokyo was beautiful and peaceful once again.

Not long after, though, Neo Queen Serenity realized it was time for Rini to become more mature. (She was a spoiled and whiny child, much like her mother!) Neo-Queen Serenity gave Rini the first brooch Sailor Moon used (Moon Prism Power, make up!) and a small rod (Pink Sugar Heart Attack!) and then sent Rini to the past again, this time to train as a Sailor Senshi, Super Sailor Chibi Moon.

Crystal Tokyo flourished and remained beautiful. The Queen, King, Small Lady, and the Sailor Senshi lived happily ever after.

The End

*There are some differences between the anime and the manga. If you have any questions, please e-mail me.