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~*Russian Figure Skating and Gymnastics Fan Page*~

K a t a n i ye

G i m n a s t i k a

Started on August 27, 1998. Last updated August 31, 1998

~*Welcome to the Russian Figure Skating and Gymnastics Fan Page. The Russians have always been my favourites in these two amazing sports. They have such grace, musicality and athletism.They pay attention to every little detail of their sports: every toe point, every line, etc. They truly make gymnastics and figure skating beautiful sports:)*~

~*Figure skating has always been my favourite sport. I love watching skaters from all different backgrounds, but the Russians possess a certain grace that the others don't.*~

~*My favourite male figure skater, Aleksei Urmanov. He is the 1994 Olympic gold medalist. Welcome back my sweet Lyokha!Go to this cool Lyokha web page:The Ruffled Page*~

~*Another sexy Russian skater is Ilia Kulik. He is the 1998 Olympic gold medalist. I am the Co-President of the Kulik Klique. I am also in the Krew. Udachi Ilyosha!*~

~*1998 World Silver Medalist, Irina Slutskaya*~

~*I also really love gymnastics. It has always amazed me how they fly and do the seemingly impossible:)*~
~*My favourite male gymnast, sexy Aleksei Nemov.*~

~*This page will include lots of information on both Russian skating and gymnastics. Come back soon to see the updates.*~

Click here to see a Russian report card~*Thanks to Amy Lala for sending it to me*~
~*More links to come later*~

~*Don't forget to sign my guestbook before you go!*~

~*Read my Dreambook!*~ ~*Sign my Dreambook!*~ Dreambook
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