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His albums
  • In my Life Time EP
  • Reasonable Doubt
  • Steets is Watching (S.T.)
  • In my Lifetime Vol 1.
  • In my Lifetime Vol 2.
  • Life and Times of S. Carter"
  • Roc-la-Famila/ Dynasty"

    "If it's hot, I'll rhyme over it.
    If you notice, I
    rhyme differently on
    each track."

    His Accomplishments
  • Rockfella started in 94
  • Best single by duo (Grammy)
  • Roc Wear started in 1999
  • Reasonable Doubt: GOLD
  • In my life..1: Plat
  • In my life..2: 4XPlat
  • Life and Times of S. Carter: 3XPLAT
  • Streets is..: GOLD
  • Memphis B. and Benie S. go gold
  • Dynasty Roc-la Famila goes 2XPlat

    Real Name: Shawn Cater
    Birth D.: Dec 04 1971
    From: Marcy, Brooklin NY
    Highest Education: High Shool
    Marital Status: Single
    Children: None

    His Classics
  • Wishing on a Star
  • Sunshine
  • The City is Mine
  • Hard Knock Life (Live)

    Disses & Freestyles
  • Diss from Ma$e to Jay-z
  • Freestyle

    "I was so happy
    making this album
    I was like, feed me beats"

    Lyrics/ audio
  • Girls Best Friend
  • City is Mine
  • Anything

  • After the deaths of Biggie and Pac the rap world was looking for a star to call it's own, That year J.I.G.G.A. was born. Before that time Jay-z was stuck in the shadows of those 2 great artist, and when that shadow was unfortunitally lifted Jay had his chance to shine. Since then he has had a firm grip on the rap industry, getting more of his songs on the radio than any other artist, in addition to selling 10 million records in the last 5 years. This is his story.
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    This Album

    Get ready for dazzling lyrical acrobatics, stunning verbal versatility and fierce, driving beats featured on the highly anticipate fifth solo release from hip hop phenomenon. "With this album, I was in a real zone creatively," says an enthusiastic Jay-Z about Dynasty: Roc la Famila, "I was so happy making this album, I was like, 'Feed me beats!’"

    The outcome of this creativity is a superb collection of tracks featuring Jay-Z's signature lyrical prowess and his ability to weave vivid tales of urban life with clarity, depth, and precision. Combined with multi-layered production from some of the industry's most cutting edge talent, Dynasty will surely be regarded as a classic. Making classic records is nothing new for “Brooklyn's Finest.” In 1990, he burst on the music scene with an unshared quicksilver deliverance, lacing tracks for Big Jaz ("The Originator's") and Original Flavor ("Can I Get Open"). But after witnessing his friend Jaz's troubles with his record label and scrambling for a deal himself, Jay decided to take matter's into his own hands. Along with entrepreneur Damon Dash and a third partner Kareem "Biggs" Burke, he formed Roc-A-Fella Records in 1996 and the result: the luminous debut, Reasonable Doubt. Doubt spawned the gold single "Ain't No N**a,” featuring Foxy Brown, which immediately transported Jigga to the fore front of the rap game. "Can't Knock the Hustle" and "Feelin It" quickly established Jay-Z as one the most innovative and influential artists in hip-hop. Within a year of Reasonable Doubt's release, fans were fiending for a new Jay-Z joint. Jigga supplied the demand with the platinum-selling, In My Lifetime, Volume I, 2 and 3.

    March 9, 1997

    Volume 1, which followed the untimely death of Jay-Z's friend and collaborator, The Notorious B.I.G., was more personal in content and included the sweeping single's "You Must Love Me," the bleak "Where I'm From," as well as the underground smash "Streets Is Watching.” The first commercial single released from the disc, "Sunshine," featured Foxy Brown with production credits going to producer extraordinaire, Babyface Edmonds. The collaboration proved to be an instant smash at radio and retail and re-established Jay - Z as a lyrical genius, better known to many as, "The King of New York.” "In My Lifetime was very emotional to me because there were a lot of things going on at that time," explains Jay-Z. "That album . . .that was me. That was Jay-Z right there."Keeping with the personal theme of In My Lifetime, in 1998, Jay-Z portrayed himself in the semi-autobiographical short film, Streets Is Watching, a film he wrote, produced, and directed along with Roc-A-Fella partner Damon Dash. In addition to the film, he also released Streets Is Watching: The Soundtrack, which included the hit single "It's Alright," and introduced fans to some of Roc-a-Fella's brightest new rising stars, including Memphis Bleek, Rell, Diamonds in the Rough, and the Ranjahz. Now, Jigga returns with Volume 2. . .Hard Knock Life. Recorded in only a month, it features Jay-Z at the top of his game. Because of the time constraints, Jay-Z veered from his usual production team of Ski and DJ Premier and brought on new talent, including Timbaland, and Swiss from the Ruff Ryders camp. The new sounds and styles that these producers brought was a welcome challenge for Jay-Z. "I can change up my flow depending on the beat," he says. "If it's hot, I'll rhyme over it. If you notice, I rhyme differently on each track."

    Burden of being a Star

    "I know if I sell two million people will say I fell off, but it’s not about that. Everyone’s gonna say that, but I’m gonna keep it the realest wit’ you. This is a different time." But see, Shawn Carter knows his history, and so he knows he ain’t worried. Reasonable Doubt: a debut classic; In My Lifetime Vol 1; a platinum tribute to a lost friend; Streets Is Watching: nothing but ghetto-posse glam; the cameo verses on other artist’s joints, the Bleek album, the tour, the incessant cries of Jigga, my nigga, last summer’s "Big Pimpin, and this years "Guilty intil proven innocent." He says "It’s about to get ugly" on "Do It Again," but the truth is it’s been ugly for a minute for this Rolex-wearing, Jersey penthouse-having, New York magazine, masters-owning label head. And he still got love for the music. "Big Pimpin’ " spotlights the duo known as UGK, two southern captains of those accelerated flows and spit-fire lyrics best friend Jaz and Jay used to experiment with when they were kids. So does this man need a bio at all? "Nah," he says. As long as he keeps hitting them out of the park like Ken Griffey… If you don’t know, now you know. The best who ever did it begins our new millennium. Rocla Famila. Listen, bounce, then buy the tape. Twice.

    The Endtro

    Rich with vivid imagery, mercurial flow, and lyrical finesse, each of his albums is a stunning example of Jay-Z's diverse artistic range and creative growth. The album may be called Volume 2, 3 or dynasty, but Jay-Z's just begun. YA HEARD?! HOLLA BACK!

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