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The Pit Crew

I would like to take some time to introduce the guys behind the scenes that make this all possible for me. I believe that if you are going to be succesful in racing, you must surround yourself with winners. I have done that very thing. As you will see, these guys all have normal jobs (except for Steve...LOL) and do this just because they love racing. There is no pay, long hours, hard work, and an occasional temper tantrum that they must deal with. You will also notice that most of them have other interests in racing, and yet find the time and patience to still deal with me. Thank you guys.

Crew members:

Adam Green

Adam is not just a crew member, he is also a car owner and driver in the Pure Street Stock division at Lebanon I-44 speedway.

Steve Huffman

Steve is a city fireman for the City of Rolla. He is also a rural fireman (BLUE LIGHTER) for the city of Doolittle. Steve is a part owner and driver for LM Racing. He finished an impressive 4th in points last year. You will find a link to LM Racing on my first page. Please take a moment to check it out.

Zachary "Dane" Bartle

I would like to welcome the newest and my personal closest crew memeber. Zachary is not only a crew member, he is also my son. This is his first year in the pits with the team. He turned 14 on the 5th of July and you are not allowed in the pit area until the age of 14. So, welcome Zach.