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For those of you who don't know who I am, well, le'me tell'ya....."I'm Danny Eakin, The Travelin' Minstrel of the Ozarks". I'been pickin' the banj'er, the guitar, and the harmonica and "tellin' stuff" for 'bout all my life. You Know, I'm a child of God and proud to be a HILLBILLY ! I was raised in the suburbs of a place in the Ozark Mountains called Booger Holler, Arkansas, Population 7, Countin' One Coondog (On Historic Highway 7, South of Jasper) where livin' is simple and the priorities are plain........
#One; God Almighty and his Son we call Our Saviour, Jesus Christ 'cause we hillbillies believe that God is responsible for all thangs ever Ate, Helt, Felt or Smelt as well as all thangs right sweet and holy about this old world.....
# Two; Momma, 'cause of two thangs; Momma cooks supper....And it seems that when God gets upset with you he elects Momma ta carry his wrath ta you (Now, Daddy brings wrath, too, but we all know who told'eem to, don't we ?...Momma, right?) .....
# Three; Yore Kinfolks, 'cause if Momma gets bad sick and can't cook supper, you don't wanna eat what Daddy cooks, so you go eat with the kinfolks till Momma gets outta the sickbed......
And # Four; Yore Coondog, 'cause when ever'thang else goes ta pot, yore coondog can find some supper in the belly-slap of his tail.....So, you see, there ain't no # five, 'cause we figger if yore silly enough not ta have a good coondog, yore family sooner'r'later'll starve ta death." I'been pickin' and sangin' most all my life 'bout somethin' or 'nother. I guess I learned my love fer sangin' from Momma, who sung all'time 'round the house and played her momma's pump organ. We was tak'n ta church all'time whether we wanted to 'er not. And Momma played piano downt'tha church and still does today. So, through the years, I ended up comin' to this area (Branson) back in '72 just lookin' for somewhere to pick and sang. Some people might not know that the life of a musician and sanger is perty rough for the first few years. Well, I traveled to places like Chicago, Nashville, Los Angeles, and a whole lotta other places and finally decided to raise two kids where the "priorities" were right and the Branson area helped do that, what with all the Christian Youth Groups and such. Well, that was back in the summer of '84 when I come back here. And I started sangin' and tellin' stuff on the stages of Silver Dollar City, Missouri in April of '85.

Now I'm part of a special group called "The Homestead Pickers™" at the McHaffies Homestead Cabin built in 1843 on Main Street. There's me and Greg Becker, Greg Bailey, and our new member, Walt Morrison. We pick and sang and tell stuff a few times a day at the cabin and do the chores around the farm.

Our Storyteller,
Judy Young

Our Main Man,
James Roach

Our Street Trooper,
Terry Wayne Sanders

Our Street Trooper,
Whoopsie Daisy

Cookin' in God's Kitchen,
Aunt Dolly Teece

Feedin' God's Animals,
Aunt Roberta Sullinger

Fiddlin' on God's Porch,
Grandpa Vern Berry

Retired in Oklahoma,
Aunt Shirley Clark

Retired on the Farm,
Gary Clarkson
(Luke Warmwater)

Homestead Log Hewer,
Mark Edwards

School Marm in Heaven,
Miss Bonnie Jean Borden

Splittin' God's Rails,
Mac Walden
And So, I'been dubbed "The Travelin' Minstrel of the Ozarks" by some and "The Hillbilly That Barks Like A Coondog" by others. If you need to know more I guess you'll either have to come see me at Silver Dollar City or you could Order one of my CDs. They have what Paul Harvey would say is "THE REST OF THE STORY"..............GOOD DAY !


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