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Lets see what goodies we have for you....

Damien Rice - (The Blowers Daughter) Mark Geary - (Volunteer) Interference-(American Townland) The Prayer Boat -(Saved) The Frames...(Revelate) The 4 of Us .... ( Mary) Golden Hoarde - (Friends in time) Mundy - (July) Roller Skate Skinny - (Speed to my Side) Something Happens - (Parachute) Ralph Mc Tell - (Streets of London)
The Frames - Live

The Frames - Into the Mystic (Van Morrison Cover)
The Frames - Lay me down
The Frames - Races
The Frames - Red Chord

The Frames Star-Star
The Frames - Feeling the pull
The Frames- Cry me a river(Justin Timberlake Cover) Mic Christopher-Heyday (Long Version)
Mark Geary - You're the only girl for me in this town